Hulk Hogan is arguably one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. Thanks to his fandom, he helped himself and the wrestling promotions earn millions and caught the interest of countless fans. WWE and WCW were successfully grown into significant companies during Hogan’s stint. However, it’s not exactly the same with TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling. 

In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Awesome Kong aka Kharma recently lambasted Hulkamania and said that ‘he was r*ping the company’ and it ended as a financial disaster.


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Talking in the interview, Kong mentioned that initially she really had high hopes from Hulkamania that, like WWE and WCW, he would come up with an attitude to elevate the company and take it to the top.

However, Kong made a strong case for why this was not the case. She recalled how everyone had sacrificed something so that TNA could give Hulkster a sizable sum of money.

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The thing that annoyed Awesome Kong the most was that, even while earning a hefty paycheck, Hogan never used his platform to advertise TNA outside of the company. This enraged Kong, as she said that Hogan was mistreating the promotion.

Awesome Kong criticizes Hulk Hogan for taking advantage of TNA

Kong believes that rather than helping the business, he would bring his pals along to get money from the promotion. She was questioned over her reaction in 2010 when he brought his friend’s Nasty Boys to the company.

She stated, “Well, I thought that was a sign that he was r*ping the company for whatever it was worth. That we were not going to see a return on our Hulk Hogan investment. But he was going to rob the piggy bank dry, and I’m like this is very clear and everyone can see it.”


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She added, “So it was like, Dixie, can you not see what is going on? He is going to be popping bottles with Vince in 3 years and you will be broke. Can you not see where this is going? [6:26-7:01]”

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Notably, many fans think that TNA reached its height of failure when Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined the organization. Furthermore, it went bankrupt in 2017 and was eventually revived and relaunched as Impact Wrestling.

Do you believe Hogan was to blame for the financial collapse of the TNA? Leave a comment to let us know.