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“He Don’t Want People to Know”: WWE Legend Hulk Hogan Kept a Massive Secret Hidden for 40 Long Years

Published 08/02/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

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Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest performers to ever step into the ring, and he was indeed a major contributor to sparking interest in professional wrestling. However, fans may not be aware of many things about the Hulkster despite the fact that he has been in the industry for more than 4 decades.

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In an interview with Under The Mat, Koko B. Ware, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, shared shocking information Hulkster had withheld from the fans.


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Pro Wrestling enthusiasts know how iconic Hogan’s leg drop is. The fans went berserk each time he executed it. However, many fans are unaware that Koko Ware was the one who was behind it.

During his interview, Under the Mat Radio, he disclosed, “I worked out with Hogan and [Brutus] Beefcake, they were Terry Boulder and Eddie Boulder at the time. I worked out with both of them, because Hogan wanted to do some things. He wanted to learn to dropkick and all this stuff. I told him, ‘you’re too big to do a dropkick, it’s OK if Beefcake does it.”

“I took them to a little old barn in Tennessee–this man had a little ring behind his house–and worked with them. See, Hogan’s not going to ever tell this story because he doesn’t want people to know another African American helped train him. [H/T: StillRealtoUS]

Wrestlers have a unique appeal thanks to their finishing moves, personas, charm, and a host of other qualities. In a similar vein, Hogan’s leg drop was legendary and a fan favorite. However, Hulkster wasn’t always skilled at dropping legs and it was never revealed that he improved after receiving lessons from Koko Ware.

Hulk Hogan’s iconic leg drop is legendary


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It’s thought that Hogan was a wrestler who used only a few techniques to dominate the pro wrestling world. Yet he has some very classic maneuvers. Notably, Hogan’s leg drop is among the most recognizable finishers in wrestling history. 

Hogan frequently cupped his ear, hit the ropes, and dropped the leg on his opponent to generate an audience reaction. With this move, Hogan defeated a number of wrestlers, including Triple H, Yokozuna, Andre the Giant, and Randy Savage. It wasn’t the most physically devastating move, but it worked quite well. 


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