“How to End Someone in 20 Seconds”: Fans in Disbelief As Seth Rollins Takes an Ugly Dig at Former UFC Star’s Family

Published 08/31/2022, 11:15 AM EDT

Seth Rollins and Riddle have been involved in a heated rivalry for the past couple of months. The two were slated to face each other at SummerSlam before Rollins (kayfabe) injured Riddle and the match was postponed.


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Since then they have been involved in many brawls with each other. Things took a drastic turn on the latest episode of RAW, with both wrestlers taking not too PG and personal shots at one another during an interview segment leaving the fans stunned.


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Earlier before the start of Monday Night Raw, Riddle and Rollins had a brawl in the parking lot outside the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The two bitter rivals had to be separated by WWE officials.

Later in the night they were set up for an interview segment which got heated. Rollins told the ‘Original Bro’ that he wasn’t on his level. Riddle replied that he was going to embarrass Rollins like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes did before him. From there things got escalated quickly between the two.


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The remaining part of the interview saw things get even more personal between the two wrestlers. 

Rollins told Riddle , “You don’t have a family because your wife divorced you and your kids don’t want to see your b*tch a** anymore.”

This left Riddle infuriated as he belted out a few expletives including the F-bomb, before leaving to go and find Rollins.

This has definitely upped the ante for this feud with lines between reality and kayfabe blurred. The two will now face each other at Clash at the Castle event on September 3.

Fans left shocked after after Rollins’ comments

The comments made by the ‘Visionary’ Seth Rollins, left many watching the show stunned. 

Fans have since expressed their disbelief over the comments made by Rollins.

Others were in awe of Rollins’ savage comments.

While some felt that Riddle should have come up with a savage reply of his own.


This rivalry seems to have piqued fan interest.

Seth Rollins and Riddle had real life heat

What adds another interesting layer to this feud is that both Rollins and Riddle had real life heat not that long ago.

‘The Monday Night Messiah’ even stated publicly that he doesn’t want to fight Riddle at any point in his career.

The ‘RK-Bro’ member clarified at that time that the animosity stemmed from an Instagram post by his then wife, Lisa.


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Lisa, in her post, body-shamed some of the female superstars of the WWE. This didn’t go down well with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins.

Riddle later apologized to Rollins for this incident clearing up the air between the two superstars.


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The world is now waiting for this Saturday, when these two finally collide inside the ring.

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