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“I Do Some Stupid Things”: Billionaire Vince McMahon Curses Himself After Embarrassing Moment on Pay-per-view

Published 04/19/2022, 8:00 AM EDT

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Royal Rumble 2005 was the greatest dramatic blunder of all time. After the dramatic conclusion, both John Cena and Batista won the Rumble. The blunder of both superstars winning, in the end, enraged Vince McMahon, and after that; he stormed to the ring and blew his both quadriceps while approaching the ring.

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The Royal Rumble 2005 was supposed to be won by Batista. However, the match’s conclusion was dramatic, as Batista and Cena made the greatest error in WWE history.


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John Cena and Bautista were the final two wrestlers in the ring. After that, Cena attempts to deliver AA to Bautista, but Bautista fights back and proceeds to deliver the Bautista Bomb to Cena. However, Cena’s momentum propels both superstars into the ropes, where they both flip out and ended up down exactly at the same time.

Bautista was supposed to win the Rumble, according to veteran WWE referee Jimmy Korderas.

However, following the messed-up pay-per-view ending, McMahon stormed into the ring and blew both of his quads as he approached the ring. McMahon couldn’t get up after blowing out his quadriceps. Moreover, Vince McMahon told the referee to restart the bout and walked out of the ring with his quadriceps broken.

Addressing this incident in a video, McMahon said, “I wasn’t warmed up at all, at my age even then you need warm-up a lot. Sure, I can walk up to steps. That’s easy. I was frustrated, I was angry and generally speaking, I do stupid things when I’m angry.”

Nevertheless, Match restarted, and Bautista eventually won Royal Rumble 2005 by delivering the spine buster to Cena.

John Cena 2008 Royal Rumble Match

Without a question, John Cena is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. Cena debuted in the then-WWF on October 10, 2000, as The Prototype, a rejected robot-human persona. He eventually become the greatest impactful WWE superstar of all time.

Cena provided fans with several unforgettable moments over the course of two decades. However, his victory in the 2008 Royal Rumble remains one of his career highlights.


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After injuring his pectoral muscle less than four months ago, Cena was believed to be gone for a lengthy time, maybe a year. Despite this, he shocked the Entire WWE universe by entering the Royal Rumble Match at No. 30.

After a 57-minute match, Cena and HHH were left, and after a hard struggle, Cena delivered his AA to Triple H and threw him out of the ring, winning the Royal Rumble 2008.

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Cena is now absent from the WWE scene since he is filming his next film project. Fans, on the other hand, are impatient to see him return to action.

Who do you want Cena to fight when he returns to action? Please leave a comment below.

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