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“I Don’t F**k Around”: Fitness Freak Dwayne Johnson Calls Out “Guys” Who Use the Gym for Views

Published 11/18/2022, 6:45 AM EST

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Dwayne Johnson is now among the greatest stars, and not only in a figurative sense; his popularity is evident from the sheer number of people who follow him on social media. As they say, with tremendous power also comes great responsibility. And since he has such a vast and devoted fan base, whatever he posts has an effect and is seen by a broader audience.

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Notably, many people follow The Rock’s regimen since he frequently posts on his social media about his workouts at the gym. Thus, he always makes sure to deliver stuff that is safe for many people to consume and do further. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, he was candid and discussed how, in contrast to many others, he utilizes his social media in a positive way. And he also called out the guys who use it only for views.


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Dwayne Johnson criticized those who exploit the gym to gain views and likes

He was asked in an interview how he sees his Instagram account, since he has over 340 million followers who are interested in his fitness-related posts. In his words, “One of the responsibilities, though, is to make sure that the things I’m posting are smart, training-wise—not dumb sh*t that’ll get you hurt.”


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Additionally, he made light of those who perform activities that are off-limits merely to gain views and likes on social media. The Rock added, “Guys do that all the time, and they train out of ego and they train to get views and you see them doing crazy exercises. Some are very entertaining, but some are pretty dangerous, too.”


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“I think it’s really important to make sure that you don’t lose the integrity of why you’re in the gym, to begin with. You’re in the gym to build your muscles or whatever your goal is. Usually, when I do post-training, it’s toward the end of my workout or my final set. I don’t do anything in between. I get in the gym and I don’t f**k around.”

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The Rock is well known for having started lifting weights a very long time ago, mostly with his father’s encouragement. But in contrast to many others, he simply goes to the gym to lift weights and does not utilize it for any other reason, such as to increase his social media following. Thanks to his disciple, he now has a body that many find jaw-dropping.

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