Goldberg usually sported a clean-shaven head, for his appearances in WCW and subsequently, WWE. However, Goldberg and his friend, Erik Watts go back a long time. Back when Goldberg had a different opinion on professional wrestling altogether. Moreover, The Iconic apparently had a horrible head of hair, which is in-trend with some WWE stars of the past.

Goldberg with Blonde Hair is the perfect recipe for a nightmare

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Erik Watts spoke about Goldberg’s unusual blonde hair. Goldberg, who recently committed a reckless act on the golf course, resembled the 12-time champion of WWF and WWE, Hulk Hogan with his outrageous hairstyle.


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Speaking about his head full of hair, Erik Watts revealed “[Goldberg had] horrible hair, horrible. It looked just like Stone Cold’s. Remember Stone Cold’s when he was a Hollywood Blond? When he was a Hollywood Blond, he kinda looked like [Hulk] Hogan. Totally gone up here, long at the back. Goldberg’s was hideous.”

Apparently, Goldberg looked a lot like Stone Cold Steve Austin, back when he rocked the long blond hair. A lot of fans are familiar with the long-blond hair trend, popularized in the 90s. Even Goldberg was no exception, so he sported the blond-hair look.

Thankfully, Goldberg eventually grew out of that phase, before he became a household name, during his stint with WWE. Fans hope for him to make a return, and take the stage by storm once again.

Stone Cold is almost indistinguishable in ‘that look’

Fans of Steve Austin, cannot imagine the wrestler with hair. During his conquest in the WWE, he popularized the bald look with his charm.  Made him look fearsome and cool at the same time. However, once upon a time time, the wrestler had blond hair and fans cannot recognize the wrestler like this:


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Therefore, Erik Watts is absolutely spot-on when it comes to judging wrestlers’ hair, with his accurate take on Goldberg’s look on similar lines. Do you think WWE fighters should bring this look back? Or are you glad it faded out?


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Do you want to see Goldberg back in the WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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