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“It Was So Intriguing”: Wrestling Fans Blown Away as WWE Drops White Rabbit Easter Eggs in the Most Unconventional Ways Possible

Published 09/27/2022, 3:24 PM EDT

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WWE has managed to engage the fans with its latest mystery trend. The ‘White Rabbit’ mystery has fans hooked and puzzled as they try to decode this new riddle. After another cryptic video emerged, fans couldn’t help but guess what WWE may be planning.

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For the past few weeks, WWE has promoted the ‘White Rabbit’ during its shows. First, they ominously played the song ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane on an episode of SmackDown on September 16, with the arena darkened.


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Then the mystery continued on Raw when a QR code flashed for a while with the words ‘Come With Me’ written above. Since then fans have been speculating on who is behind the cryptic messages and what could it mean.

Fans have a fun time decoding the ‘White Rabbit’

In the latest episode of Raw, WWE came up with another clue about the ‘white rabbit’ mystery. A QR code propped up once again, Dominik Mysterio made his way to the ring during a match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins.

Those who scanned the code were taken to a cryptic video. The video featured many big names like The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and many more.


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“I Can Break Your F***g Neck With My Little Finger”: WWE Legend Joins Viral Fan Chatter as Creepy ‘White Rabbit’ Trend Runs Rampant

Soon after this, fans began decoding the hints in the video as speculation ran wild. From the return of a popular former wrestler to other wild guesses, fans had fun trying to solve the white rabbit mystery.

Some fans were clear about who is behind this whole ordeal.

Many are enjoying this new mystery and giving WWE credit for coming up with it.

There were a few comparisons with another mysterious angle many years ago.

While others made wild speculations and made direct bunny comparisons.

The fans are surely enjoying decoding this WWE mystery and look forward to the payoff.

What could the latest video mean?

So there is a lot to break down from the latest video of the ‘White Rabbit’. A number of superstars from the past and present of WWE are shown in the video. The video also combines various speeches to present the words “Who killed the world?” followed by “You did” and “Feed your head.”


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At the end of the video, the number ‘40701’ flashes on the screen. This number is the zip code of an area of southern Kentucky that hosts the city of Corbin. Such cryptic and eerie messages as seen in the video could mean the return of former WWE star Bray Wyatt. During his time with the company, Wyatt often engaged in shenanigans while he was leading the Wyatt Family.

However, it could also allude to a current WWE superstar. Karrion Kross has been mentioned as a possible name behind the ‘white rabbit’ teases. Kross went by the name ‘White Rabbit’ during his time in Lucha Underground. Also, one of the videos features an hourglass, a signature of Kross.


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It could also be possible that we could see Kross and Wyatt in some sort of unholy alliance, given how their gimmicks are closer to each other. For now, we can only take a guess as WWE has our attention to this latest trend. Who do you think is behind the ‘White Rabbit’? Let us know in the comments.

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