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“It’s Their Problem” : 12-Year-Long Partner of Cody Rhodes Plucks Out Major Difference Between AEW and WWE

Published 09/24/2023, 3:15 PM EDT

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WWE and AEW are competitors in the content and audience part of the wrestling industry. Now it appears that they are being compared to a new dimension. Cody Rhodes‘ wife recently opened up about her work experience in AEW versus WWE. She observed a crucial difference between the two companies regarding their working schedules.

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The reason why this is so important to Brandi Rhodes is because of her status as a mother. So, shedding light on how AEW made it easy for her to juggle between work and supervising her kids, she also said how WWE’s rules made her give up her in-ring career.

Cody Rhodes’ life partner talks WWE schedule


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Both Brandi and Cody Rhodes got together in 2011 and married each other in 2013. Then, in 2021, they were fortunate enough to become parents. Typically, this situation would put Brandi’s career in jeopardy if she wanted to be a full-time mother. However, in an interview when the former WWE employee was pregnant with Liberty Iris Runnels, she claimed that she was not retiring so soon and would return to work after getting stable following the delivery. Even though she worked while in AEW with her husband, she didn’t continue it after The American Nightmare jumped ship to WWE last year.

Brandi revealed in a recent interview with Ring The Belle, “The travel schedule [at AEW] is completely different than WWE, where you work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. At AEW, you work Wednesday and then you work from home the rest of the week. So that’s absolutely achievable for a mom to work full time.” This highlighted the difference between WWE’s demanding schedule and AEW’s more flexible work environment.


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However, when she revealed this about herself earlier, people on the internet didn’t appreciate it.

In turn, people targeted her for promoting stereotypes about working mothers. Brandi Rhodes shed light on the comments and addressed them by saying, “Why people got so upset about that, I really don’t know. It’s their problem, not mine.

On the contrary, Rhodes actually admires mothers who are doing both jobs, taking care of their careers while still being present for their children. One of them is none other than Becky Lynch.

Cody Rhodes’ wife is a fan of Becky Lynch for this one quality


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‘The Man’ has had a long run in WWE. So, she wasn’t going to let her efforts in the promotion go in vain after having a kid. She came back after recovering and hasn’t stopped since. Now, Lynch even holds the NXT Women’s Title. Her dedication to both work and family is what Brandi Rhodes admires so much. Despite WWE’s harsh schedules, Lynch is able to balance both her life aspects.

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Apart from this interview, she has praised the Irishwoman previously as well. According to her, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch d an incredible job focusing on their career while simultaneously working on their family as well.


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