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MLW World Heavyweight Champion Explains How John Cena Helped Him to Choose Pro Wrestling Over Weightlifting

Published 03/15/2023, 10:45 AM EDT

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The WWE had many influential babyfaces over the years. These characters ultimately defeat and overcome the odds to prove that good always triumphs in the end. The most recognizable hero in recent memory has to be John Cena. His stint as the face of WWE is still fresh in the minds of all pro wrestling enthusiasts.

His popularity and love for wrestling mean even after his part-time status many fans claim him to be the GOAT of WWE. Recently,  Major League Wrestling (MLW) World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone opened up about his journey into pro wrestling. Even though he was a huge fan of WWE since the Attitude Era, it was John Cena who rekindled his passion for wrestling.

John Cena influenced Alexander Hammerstone to try his hand at wrestling


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In an interview with Squared Circle Pit, Alexander Hammerstone explained he fell out of love with wrestling, around 2004, because some of his favorites, such as Dwayne Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin, started to fade away from the ring.

During that time, The MLW superstar focused on his love for weightlifting instead and competed in various events. However, when John Cena broke into the scene, The former Dynasty member couldn’t help but fall back in love, all over again.


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Hammerstone said “Around 2004, I kind of stopped watching wrestling. And then I got back into it…” and added, “mostly because I was into weightlifting and John Cena videos and I started watching him.”

Moreover, ‘The Prototype’ gave him the confidence to try his hand at professional wrestling. He felt excited to emulate what Cena did so well, during his stint as a wrestler. Therefore, Hammerstone extended gratitude towards the WWE legend and said “I kinda gotta thank good ol’ John for getting me back into wrestling,”

The journey of Alexander Hammerstone, so far


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Alexander Hammerstone joined Major League Wrestling in 2019. The heavyweight champion of MLW quickly struck a chord with fans owing to his charming personality and brutal action. Back in October 2021, the former ‘Dynasty’ member battled against Jacob Fatu to snatch the belt from him. Since then, he’s successfully defended his belt from all threats for more than 500 days.

Moreover, Hammerstone also held the National Openweight Championship and held the title for a remarkable 865 days before relinquishing the title after his World Heavyweight title win. At 32 years old, he has a potentially great career ahead of him and may have John Cena to thank for the role he played in motivating him to enter the squared circle in the first place.


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