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“Got No Respect”: Conor McGregor, Who Foul-mouthed WWE and It’s Wrestlers, Got a ‘Stone Cold’ Lesson in Respect from Steve Austin

Published 09/11/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

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Pro wrestling is perhaps the most unique industry as it provides fans with drama, comedy, and intense competition all in one sport. However, some athletes from other sports occasionally made disparaging remarks about the industry.

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When we talk about it, Conor McGregor comes to mind as the biggest superstar due to his insulting remarks about sports and its superstar. However, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin responded to him in the most astounding way.


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In 2016, there were several crossovers and flips between the WWE and the UFC. Ronda Rousey was getting ready to make her WWE debut at the same time as Brock Lesnar and CM Punk were getting ready to make their UFC appearances. As there was much discussion around the two top companies, The Notorious One made fun of WWE while announcing his rematch with Nate Diaz in 2016. WWE stars were referred to as “messed up pu**ies” at the press conference.

Thus, it sparked controversy in the WWE Universe and many superstars turned against him. However, The Texas rattlesnake’s act stands out the most.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s reaction to Conor McGregor taking shots at WWE stars

As McGregor uttered disparaging remarks about the WWE superstars, the whole WWE universe was on fire with rage. Thus, Steve Austin was questioned regarding his thoughts on McGregor’s remarks in an interview. Austin said that he respected McGregor for his talent and briefly displayed the WWE side to him.

He stated, “If anybody in an MMA world or UFC world or whatever and got no respect for the business of pro wrestling or just lifestyle and the brutality of it. I would invite you to take training camp to a different town and train in a different town every day just like WWE people do.”


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“Just follow them around training at different camps every single day then go home on a couple of days that we give you and then get back on road take training camp and get ready for the big ass fight. When you throw the travel of it and you ain’t got no policy of 5 to 10-15 people taking care your ass. It just you running solo. Go do that and then do it for 10 to 15 years and report back to me.”

Austin did not criticize the veteran in any way; instead, he just showed him what a WWE superstar goes through. The amount of effort WWE superstars put into their profession is unrivaled and that’s what Austin had demonstrated to him. However, later, Notorious apologized and said that he didn’t aim to disrespect.


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