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“Off Oxygen”: WWE Legend, Aged 67, Provides Health Update After Suffering From Life-Threatening Lung Diseases

Published 11/17/2022, 6:30 AM EST

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From Hulk Hogan to Roman Reigns, countless WWE wrestlers have contributed significantly to the organization becoming the biggest in the pro wrestling business. Speaking of contribution, Jake ‘The Snake’ Robert is one of those wrestlers whose contributions cannot be overlooked because of his strong stage presence, compelling villain image, and expert wrestling.

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Unfortunately, the WWE Hall of Famer has recently been suffering from a condition that is life-threatening and was passed down to him through his family. According to Roberts, the disease was worse than Covid and made his life extremely difficult. Meanwhile, he gave an update on his health, which had improved, during this time.


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For some time, The Snake has struggled with COPD and other health issues. That made him dependent on an oxygen supply and has been forced to use a wheelchair. COPD is a condition that affects the lungs and prevents him from speaking for longer than 20 seconds without assistance.

Due to his COPD diagnosis, the wrestler has frequently been seen in recent years with an oxygen mask. Meanwhile, Roberts tweeted that he is no longer using an oxygen mask, as his health has improved, and he will be joining AEW again.

For those who are unaware, Roberts managed Lance Archer on AEW, but due to health issues, he was unable to attend many events. However, now many fans are thrilled to hear that the legend is set to return.

Jake The Snake Robert’s health update met with a joyful reaction from the fans

After Jake The Snake gave an update on his health, there were a ton of comments from fans expressing their joy at the news, as he’s one of the favorites. The supporters wished him well and expressed excitement to see what he has to contribute to the business that has shown him so much support. The following is how his update was received by fans.


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Fans of wrestling have some fantastic memories, thanks to Roberts. Consequently, it was upsetting to witness one of the popular wrestlers experience this. Meanwhile, the current update thrilled the fans with the news and they are pleased that he has recovered and is getting ready to make another appearance.


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