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‘She’s Never Been Close to Someone Like Brock Lesnar’: WWE Legend Once Threatened a Fan Following His Successful Marriage Proposal During Live Show

Published 11/18/2022, 6:15 AM EST

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Almost everyone would be terrified if they are about to enter the ring with Brock Lesnar. He was given the moniker “The Beast” for his scary demeanor, and with his prowess, he quickly went to the top of the organization. In addition, Paul Heyman is one more element that contributed to The Next Big Thing’s success.

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Even so, The Beast Incarnate is always in a mood of carnage and is capable of demolishing anybody in his path. Still, Heyman was Lesnar’s biggest key to success as WWE is about more than just the damage; it’s also about the plot and the promos. And Heyman possibly is the greatest at it.


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So it’s definitely not a smart idea to interrupt him while he is delivering a promo. But once, a fan gave him a distribution while he was cutting the promo. And that provoked him to mock the fan.

Former manager of Brock Lesnar destroyed a fan after being interrupted

Even though Lesnar excels in every area of business, Heyman outperformed Lesnar when it came to creating promos. Although Lesnar appeared on screen, very little apart from the matches was featured. But it was Heyman who kept the fans ravenous for future Lesnar appearances.

Likewise, in 2017, while Heyman was addressing the fans about how his client will demolish then-WWE champion AJ Styles at Survivor Series, during which a marriage proposal from an audience member cut him abruptly as fans in the arena started chanting “She said yes”.


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Following this, he mocked the fan and stated, “Just so you know, she only said yes because she’s never been up close to a beast like Brock Lesnar! Just so you know, interrupting my promo is like stepping into the ring with Brock Lesnar. You ain’t got a chance.”

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The Wise Man didn’t appreciate it at all, and his brilliance made the interruption one of the most noteworthy moments that demonstrated his command of the microphone. Afterward, demonstrating his skill as a top professional, the former SmackDown general manager continued hyping up a solid contest between Styles and Lesnar.


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