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The Undertaker’s Legendary Rival Details His Insane Weight Loss Routine: “Shed a Couple of Hundred Pounds”

Published 04/24/2022, 2:04 PM EDT

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Mr. Curtis Hughes is an American professional wrestler who has performed in several wrestling independent organizations. Hughes was brought in as part of ‘The Undertaker’ rivalry with Harvey Wippleman and secured a short-term contract with the World Wrestling Federation following performances in several local companies.

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In addition, Hughes is highly regarded as a champion and superstar trainer. He trained a lot of wrestlers. Some wrestlers he trained are Heath Slater, Apollo Crews, Jonathan Gresham, and several others.

On the Wrestling Shoot Interviews (WSI), Hughes shared his massive weight loss journey.

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Hughes stated, “I‘ve been an athlete all my life, so I know how to get in shape. I know how to get the fat off, I know how to get build muscle. It’s something I know how to do and Once I decided and got my mind right and got myself together. Hey, I hit the gym, and I knew what to do. Got it together.”

Additionally, he stated, he started going to the gym, eating right, using the StairMaster, lifting weights, and doing all he could to shed a couple of hundred pounds.

Mr. Curtis Hughes and The Undertaker Feud

During the Hughes and The Deadman feud, Hughes stole, did steal The Undertaker’s urn, but then lost all of their matches and had to give it back.

The Talking about the Feud with The Undertaker, Hughes said, “He is a good guy man. I’m glad I had the opportunity to wrestle him to work with him. We made a ton of money together and sold out a lot of arenas.”

“It was a dream come true, the work that did because he was like the biggest bog on the porch, you see. A lot of people were in line to wrestle him and Vince choose me and trusted me to get in there and draw some money. Man, it was freaking awesome working with the guy [The Undertaker] man.”

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Hughes, on the other hand, left the WWF soon after, and their rivalry only lasted a few days. Moreover, The Undertaker was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Likewise, Hughes stated that he deserved to be the next member.



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