Roman Reigns made a blockbuster comeback to WWE in 2020, blazing a trail with his undefeated Universal Championship reign. Stepping into his own as the ultimate heel, Reigns forged ‘The Bloodline’ faction with his cousins, and joined forces with Paul Heyman for an epic run. 

However, after Dwayne Johnson’s return this year, the storyline with Cody Rhodes has become more interesting. But now whispers suggest Reigns could be stepping away from the ring for a while after WrestleMania 40!

Cody Rhodes’s Victory: The Rock’s betrayal sends Roman Reign on hiatus


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Roman Reigns’ hiatus has been making headlines since 2023. At WrestleMania 40, Reigns is slated to go head-to-head with Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship, as Rhodes aims to bring his story to a climactic close. The feud between Reigns and Rhodes escalated dramatically after Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, aligned himself with Reigns during the WrestleMania 40 kickoff event.

Johnson’s return to WWE in January 2024 saw him not only join the Board of Directors in TKO Group but also target Reigns, despite Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble 2024. Johnson’s attempt to steal Rhodes’ spotlight sparked backlash from the WWE Universe and fellow wrestlers like Logan Paul

In a heated moment, Johnson slapped Rhodes after an insult directed at The Bloodline’s family. Rumors of a potential betrayal by The Rock have been circulating. It is fueled by subtle gestures like making an “L” shape with his fingers instead of 1. Then during a recent SmackDown event and using the moniker “Final Boss.” 

The tension reached its peak during a recent SmackDown episode when Rhodes, with the backing of Paul Heyman, questioned Reigns’ trust in The Rock. With speculation rife, Rhodes may win the match. This may lead to a hiatus for Reigns before a showdown with The Rock over his perceived betrayal. 

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But is this the only reason for his hiatus? There were speculations about him going to Hollywood as well.

Roman Reigns’ Hollywood pursuit: from the squared circle to the silver screen

Roman Reigns has been scaling the heights of wrestling greatness, securing three consecutive WrestleMania headliners with seemingly effortless prowess. His win at WrestleMania 39 only solidifies his place in history. And now WrestleMania 40 is coming up. 

Yet, amidst his dominance, speculation swirls regarding the potential challenger to his throne at the 40th edition of WrestleMania. Many eyes turn to Cody Rhodes as a winner who could potentially dethrone Reigns.

Beyond the squared circle, Reigns has expressed aspirations beyond wrestling. In interviews, he has hinted at a desire to venture into acting. Apart from this WWE 2k24’s MyRise has revealed how The Tribal Chief’s career can span out in WWE. It has a career mode. 

One of the stories is about where Roman Reigns follows his cousin Johnson’s footsteps to Hollywood by leaving the bog boots. However, it also has that he won’t be gone out for long. 

Where else did Reigns mention a career change?

He also had interviews with Michael Kay Show 92021) and Extra Butter, talking (2015) about possible career shifts.  Reigns cites his dramatic skills honed in the WWE as a potential asset in Hollywood. He acknowledges the opportunities the fans have afforded him and expresses a sense of duty to explore new avenues. 

While the transition from wrestling to acting is not unprecedented, only time will tell if Reigns will follow in the footsteps of his cousin, The Rock. Hence leaping the silver screen.


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As Reigns continues to reign supreme in the world of wrestling, the possibility of expanding his fanbase through ventures in film looms large. Following the trajectory set by his cousin, Reigns could potentially captivate audiences beyond the realm of wrestling, further solidifying his status as a crossover star. 

Whether he ultimately takes the plunge into acting remains to be seen, but the allure of Hollywood beckons for the Tribal Chief.


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Hence do you think Reigns will really take a hiatus? Or will he not take a break from WWE and continue wrestling? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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