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Twitter Explodes After Sasha Banks’ Record Breaking Victory on Raw

Twitter Explodes After Sasha Banks’ Record Breaking Victory on Raw

The Sasha Banks and Bayley storyline is beginning to come full circle. After the iconic reign that Bayley has enjoyed for the better part of the year, Sasha Banks fulfilled her destiny on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw.

Even though it was through a countout, The Boss defeated Asuka to win her fifth Raw Women’s Championship. With this, Sasha broke the record for the maximum reigns with the Raw Women’s Championship.

Even though Charlotte Flair is a nine time women’s Champion, five of those reigns have come with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Which means that she has only won the Raw Women’s Championship four times.

Another important point to note is that the ‘Golden Role Models’ now hold all the available titles in the WWE Women’s division. This speaks volumes about the immense confidence bestowed by Vince McMahon on the two women.

They are definitely building towards a massive WrestleMania showdown between the two women. However, fans on Twitter, while acknowledging the brilliance of the two Superstars, are not happy with the casualties of this storyline.

As per a section, stars like Asuka are being used as fodder in order to keep Sasha and Bayley firmly on top. No matter how brilliant your top stars are, is it worth to bury your entire division in their wake?

Whether or not that’s true, the fan reactions go a long way in getting hold of the public sentiment. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at what Twitter thought of this match.

Twitter divided over Sasha Banks winning

Twitter fans were split right down the middle over this booking decision.

As you can see, the decision has certainly polarized the fans. While some feel that this was a long time coming for Sasha , others aren’t very happy with the ending of the match as well as the long term viability.

What’s your opinion on this entire scenario?

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