UFC stalwart Conor McGregor is often in the news for both good and bad reasons. ‘The Notorious’ hasn’t been in the octagon since July 2021, but he has definitely been in the media, especially for his tussles with the WWE. McGregor is known for constantly picking fights within the UFC, something that also weirdly extended to WWE Superstars.

This led many to wonder if Conor McGregor wants to leave the octagon for some time and join WWE’s squared circle. Over the years, the former UFC lightweight champion has always maintained that he doesn’t want to join WWE. But a new social media update suggests that this may soon happen. In fact, this has already surged a frenzy amongst the WWE Universe.

Conor McGregor to become a WWE Superstar?


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Conor McGregor is one of the greatest UFC fighters right now, but he has also shown a lot of flair for WWE. Particularly, one can easily imagine him as a top-tier heel who can rival the likes of Randy Orton, Edge, etc. Now, WrestlingWorldCC added a tweet on X that highlighted Conor McGregor saying, “You never know, let’s see” when asked about joining WWE. This has sparked a lot of interest across the internet, given his history of wanting to whack several WWE Superstars in the past.

Especially considering how he has been after the championship belts of several UFC Champs. Last year there were some talks about how McGregor did not want to follow Brock Lesnar’s path.

But this year there can be some changes made! He made certain revelations to Adam Glyn to Adam’s Apple

Transitions from the UFC to WWE are slowly becoming a trend. Several fighters like Ronda Rousey, Matt Riddle, and Shayna Baszler have made the switch and also enjoyed good stints with the company. Now that Conor McGregor has also opened the door to the possibility, the WWE Universe has also got their hopes up.

WWE Universe responds to the Irish hellraiser potentially making his WWE debut

The chance of Conor McGregor hopping on the WWE train spiked the enthusiasm of several fans. One particular fan expressed the shine in their eyes with a crisp one-word answer.

Another fan tweeted that this is something they would love to see, but never imagined would actually happen.

Planting their hopes for this crossover, one fan expressed that they know that Conor McGregor will definitely make a WWE move.

One fan has already booked a fantasy match for Conor McGregor and directly placed him in an interesting feud.


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Lastly, one fan reiterated how the addition of Conor McGregor would be ‘best for business.’


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Would you like to see The Notorious One fight in WWE? Let your thoughts flow in the comments.

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