“Significant Heart Enlargement” – Joe Rogan Learns About the Risks to 50-Year-Old Dwayne Johnson-Like Physique Aspirers

Published 12/05/2022, 8:00 AM EST

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Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson has an impressive physique that he takes great care to maintain even at 50 years of age. The Rock trains rigorously in the gym and has a dedicated diet plan to keep up his massive muscular build.

Moreover, DJ also has to workout to develop the structure he needs for specific movie roles such as The Black Adam quite recently. He is an inspiration for many when it comes to fitness, but holding that type of physique comes with its own health risks.


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In the recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC color commentator talked with fitness educator Derek over how The Rock maintained his huge physique over the years. Derek revealed to Rogan that going all out and pushing oneself like The Rock does could come with its problems as well.

Derek discussed possible health issues for Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson prides himself as the hardest worker in the room and has put in a lot of work to build, stay fit and well built at the age of 50. He spends 3-4 hours in the gym regularly while also taking in a specific diet to ensure his body remains in its impressive shape.


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Recently, MMA personality Joe Rogan discussed The Rock’s physique with fitness educator Derek, the founder of More Plates, More Dates (MPMD).

They talked about how DJ has to keep up his physique for the movie roles he takes on and Derek said despite The Rock talking about longevity, his fitness routine could put his life at risk.

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Derek also implied that the former WWE star may have used certain drugs that are medically approved to keep up his look. Rogan then asked the young entrepreneur what are the risks were of someone going through such a routine and aspiring to have such a body at The Rock’s age.


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Derek replied, “Significant heart enlargement, impeding the function of the cardiovascular system in general, kidney stress, depending on if you are using oral steroids or not. Liver toxicity, neuro degeneration is gonna be accelerated from high doses of androgens.. […]It’s terrible.”

Derek is a world renowned fitness educator and a prominent name in the industry. His comments about The Rock’s health and those who want to follow his routine are significant. A lot of DJ’s fans will hope that The Great One will continue to inspire them in good health without putting his life at risk.


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