Who is The “New Brock Lesnar”, Parker Boudreaux

April 29, 2020 12:40 pm

If you talk about the biggest attractions in WWE at the moment, the name Brock Lesnar comes to mind. Ever since his debut iN WWE, Lesnar has taken the pro wrestling world with a storm. The former WWE champion not only conquered the world of pro wrestling but also became the world heavyweight champion in MMA. Now with a resume and skillsets like that, it is hard to find someone like Brock Lesnar who can leave the pro wrestling fans in awe every time he enters the ring.

Has AEW found the “New Brock Lesnar”

But, it seems AEW(All Elite Wrestling) has found their own Brock Lesnar in Parker Boudreaux. Coming from Orlando, Florida, the 6ft 4 inch young footballer has been on the radar of WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross for years now. In a recent tweet, Ross responded to a fan and talked about the “New Brock Lesnar”, Parker Boudreaux:

“Big money is earned, not awarded. Parker Boudreaux has been in my radar for 2-3 years. You do know that there’s ‘big money’ in AEW too.” said Ross.



The resemblance between Lesnar and Boudreaux is indeed uncanny. “Brock Lesnar, I probably get that one every day. I will get Drago from Rocky. I will get Bosworth. Everybody has something. It’s pretty funny.” Parker said to Bleacher Report talking about people comparing him with celebrities.


Currently, All Elite Wrestling is one of the strongest competitors of WWE in the world of pro wrestling. it has some world-class superstars such as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, etc in its roaster. However, when it comes to numbers AEW is still way behind WWE.

However, AEW is vigorously looking for new and exciting talents to acquire and Parker Boudreaux might be the star AEW has been looking the whole time.

After winning the NCAA championship, when a young Brock Lesnar stepped into the WWE ring it did not take much time for the Beast in Carnate to capture the fans’ attention. Lesnar was destined to be a “monster in the ring”, an entertainer. And it seems, Parker Boudreaux is on a similar path.

At the moment the future of Parker Boudreaux in the world of pro wrestling is uncertain. However, it’s a matter of time until WWE or AEW acquire the “New Brock Lesnar” and turn him into a huge superstar.


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