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Harshdeep Ahluwalia is an NBA Writer at EssesntiallySports. He is a Sports Management graduate and has been a hospitality management intern at sports events. Harshdeep calls himself an 'NBA jockey' whose love for basketball knows no bounds. From the thunderous slam dunks to the strategic plays, he has always been captivated by the electrifying world of the NBA. With an encyclopedic knowledge of teams, players and historic moments, his passion for this ball game extends far beyond 'casual' fandom. Whether analyzing game stats or engaging in spirited debates about MVP candidates, Harshdeep's enthusiasm can be contagious. Harshdeep has also been a promotional manager for Football games, a commentator and a volunteer technical manager at tournaments. He has been a sports geek since childhood. During his days in a coordinated uniform set, all he wanted was to be a professional athlete who could represent his country. Through his positive mindset, he did not let a lack on the physicality-front become a hurdle and suffocate his dreams of being involved in the sports industry. His fine knowledge of sports such as of the NBA, Football and F1 paved his way, which he plans to stick to without deviation. Harshdeep has represented his school at zonal level U-14 and U-19 tournaments, he has been a club captain for 3 years and obtained a Silver Medal for discus throw at a zonal level U-19 athletics meet. He also attended a strategy conference at the La Liga headquarters in Madrid, Spain. When not balling himself, Harshdeep likes to be engaged in photography and other physical activities, including roaming in the beauty of nature. He is also a gaming enthusiast.

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