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Madhu Nandigala is an F1 writer at EssentiallySports with a passion for telling compelling stories. She holds a degree in Journalism and constantly looks for new ways to expand her knowledge and share untold tales from the world of sports. Madhu's fascination with sports began during her childhood. Growing up around sports enthusiasts, she quickly developed a love for the industry. Since watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Madhu has been captivated by the speed, drama, and technology of F1. When it comes to F1 drivers, Madhu admires Max Verstappen the most. His unwavering confidence, raw talent, and determination to win every race make him an exceptional driver in her eyes. In her free time, Madhu loves to travel and explore new cultures while indulging in different cuisines. She also shares Lewis Hamilton's love for adrenaline and occasionally participates in adventurous activities.

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