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My journey as a sports writer could not have been more hyperbolic. Growing up, I buried myself in books and could not play any sport I wanted. So, I channeled my passion towards watching them extensively and imitating the players. My Master?s degree in Applied Psychology helped me understand the dynamics and thought processes of athletes. I enjoy watching the interviews of my favorite athletes as much as I enjoy their games. Gaining athletes? perspectives helped me understand their gameplay better and why they chose a certain shot or made a specific decision. As an English literature and Journalism graduate, I tend to research extensively and store a lot of information that threatens to exhaust my memory. At ES, I have focused on writing elaborate perspectives, reporting interviews, controversial topics, and coresport news along with the occasional pop culture article. Movies, series, fiction, food, music, and painting are a few of the many things that keep my sanity in check. I highly anticipate current-generation tennis champions to spice the game up and create more on-court rivalries. I hope Coco Gauff, Iga Swiatek, Jannik Sinner, Taylor Fritz, and Carlos Alcaraz achieve their best and carve a place for themselves among the tennis legends.

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