Gervonta Davis Dismisses Shakur Stevenson as a ‘Top’ Fighter; Blames Bob Arum for His Hype

Published 04/19/2024, 4:00 PM EDT

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One fight that fans crave is the one between Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson. But, their rivalry could not be settled in the ring. However, it was channeled on social media in a fresh set of back-and-forth between them that is soon turning ugly.

It all started when Shakur Stevenson counted himself and ‘Tank’ as the top 2 fighters in the 135 lbs weight division. He nudged his counterpart as to why the two of them could not fight this year, aligning with fans who’ve been seeking the matchup for a while now. While he outlined that he was everything that Tank was looking for in an opponent, the latter gave him a sharp reality check.

Why won’t Gervonta Davis fight Shakur Stevenson?


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Tank could not help but draw up a list of reasons why he would not fight ‘Sugar’. First, he roped in an excerpt from Stevenson’s last fight that was against Edwin De Los Santos. In that matchup, despite his win, the fighter was criticized for not being up to the mark. Tank aligned with those criticisms. He wrote on his X, “What tf is this..n*gga still fight like an amateur.. soft a** n*gga! FIGHT BACH.”

Gervonta Davis then followed up his insult with another post in which he came in with some very scathing words. He explained that Stevenson was not a fighter of his league. Davis argued that it was only because of Top Rank and Bob Arum that Shakur is still getting professional gigs. He even went to the extent of claiming that the fighter did not deserve to headline weekend events, and rather deserved to be on smaller “Thursday night boxing” stints. “You a b**ch lil n***a.. you not the top..you a top rank fighter they run the ranks. Yo a** should be fighting on Thursday night boxing faithfully AFTER THEY PLAY ANDRE WARD clips bum,” he responded while sharing a clip of Shakur Stevenson’s fight with Edwin De Los Santos.


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However, Gervonta Davis did not just stop there. He wrote in another post, “EXACTLY HE A** A F*CKING BUM..”Known for his quick retorts both inside and outside the ring, Shakur Stevenson fired back at Tank Davis with a seemingly intriguing revelation.

“Look how scared he is of me”

Shakur Stevenson remains confident that Tank does not fight him because he is afraid of him. While he stayed strong on the claim that he was the best opponent for Tank, he substantiated his argument with an unexpected anecdote.


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In another X post, responding to Tank, Stevenson wrote, “Look how scared he is of me… Lil b**ch nobody cares about nun of that n***as wanna know will u fight me this year? I’m da best fighter u ever got in the ring Just a couple years ago u was tryna come do a training camp wit me and my coach in Colorado did u forget Punchy a** n***a.”

Who do you think would win between the two? Take your picks in the comments section below.


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