Ryan Garcia Snubs Any Potential Fight Against Jose Ramirez

Published Jan 18, 2024 | 12:01 PM EST

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Ryan Garcia has made it apparent that he does not assent to any possibility of him fighting his Californian counterpart, Jose Ramirez. His declaration comes hours after his feuding promoter, Oscar De La Hoya announced via his X that a fight between the two was inching toward finalization. But with Garcia’s recent post on the micro-blogging site, it seems like the fight is one among his many that have failed to materialize.

The promoter’s efforts to get the Ramirez fight rolling came in the light of his claim that fighters who had earlier nodded to fight Garcia “priced themselves out.” Was Ryan Garcia informed of the negotiations his promoter was undertaking to get the Ramirez fight on the cards? With the 25-year-old fighter’s fresh declarations on social media, it seems like the answer is a no.

There goes another opponent


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On his X, KingRy issued a stern revelation, perhaps an indirect response to De La Hoya’s previous post. Ry wrote, “No Ramirez. Let’s make that clear.” His post comes in the wake of De La Hoya’s suggestion that a Ramirez fight was almost materialized. In a post on his X, ‘ Golden Boy’ wrote, “Looking like @RyanGarcia vs jose Ramirez is getting close and happening.”

Doubling down on his decision that he will not indeed fight Ramirez at the moment, ‘KingRy’ also took to his Instagram stories. He wrote, “No Ramirez. Sorry that’s just not going to happen right now. Let me make that clear.” His declination to the Ramirez fight is not unexpected. De La Hoya’s efforts to get that fight going was rather a surprise given how Ry was scheduled to find Roland Romero, a fight for which he gave up on Devin Haney as a potential opponent.


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In the last few weeks, multiple opponents for Ry have fallen through. The reasons? Critics believe the rift between the promoter-fighter duo has much to do with it.

Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar De La Hoya

Ryan Garcia does seem to be burying the hatchet with his promoter, De La Hoya. On the other hand, the latter too does not seem very keen on it. The fall of the latest Jose Ramirez fight hints at their hostilities getting worse. Going on Garcia’s vehement assertion on not going ahead with the Ramirez fight hours after his promoter announced it hints at him not being informed of the fight earlier. To make these assumptions stronger, in a fresh X post, the fighter wrote, “Ryan Garcia vs Oscar De La Hoya at this point.”


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Jose Ramirez joins the likes of Devin Haney, Rolando Romero, and Isaac Cruz whose potential fights with Ryan Garcia have fallen through after public indication by either the fighter or his promoter of such fights made headlines. While the promoter claims that ‘Rolly’ priced himself out of the fight, Cruz and Garcia’s bout has not yet seen any formal confirmations. For Haney though, despite both agreeing to the fight, and Golden Boy also rallying for it, Ry chose Rolly instead.

Ryan Garcia is coming fresh off a splendid victory over Oscar Duarte from December, a fight that was his redemption from the Gervonta Davis loss he registered last April, his career’s first. With another potential opponent falling through, it is to see who Garcia will eventually fight.


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Who do you think could be Ry’s next opponent?

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