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?My Dreams Have Become a Reality?- Tekken 8 Fans Are on Cloud Nine as Bandai Namco Finally Confirms the Release Date

August 23, 2023

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Tekken 8 PC Version Gets Rated in South Korea, What Does It Mean for the Targeted 2023 Release?

Tekken fans rejoice as news of Tekken 8 being rated in South Korea is leaked giving fans hope for a potential 2023 release.

Diptarko Paul

August 14, 2023

Tekken 8

?Looks Uber Fun to Play With?- Tekken 8 Fans Elated as New Character Gets Announced

Get ready for Tekken 8! Anticipated fighting game sequel with new story mode, characters, and features.Trailer and release date get revealed.

Nilendu Brahma

August 09, 2023

TEKKEN 8 ? Azucena Reveal & Gameplay Trailer 2-13 screenshot