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“You Become More Confident”: Doug Goist’s Unbelievable Journey into the Thriving World of Visually Impaired Ice Hockey

February 06, 2024

Former Boston Bruins Goalie Blaine Lacher’s Memorable Journey From NCAA to Stardom Concludes, Leaving a Void

February 04, 2024

Following Adam Johnson’s Tragic Demise, USA Hockey Takes a Stand With Mandatory Neck Guards for Youth, Contemplates Adult Policy

January 29, 2024

Gangwon 2024: Will Team USA Make It to the Hockey Finals? Struggling To Maintain Lead, USA Falls Behind Czechia

January 29, 2024
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Gallagher’s Suspension Casts Shadow Over Canadiens’ Playoffs, Ignites Controversy in Islanders Clash

January 27, 2024

“It’s Just Good To Be Back”: Shane Pinto Overcomes Suspension with Grandfather’s Joy and Mother’s Unwavering Support

January 23, 2024
Minnesota Wild v Ottawa Senators

“Love These People, Absolutely Love It”: Cheshire High School’s Hockey Reunion Celebrates 50 Years, Combining Excellence, History, and an Epic Clash on Ice

January 22, 2024

Honoring the Legacy of Former Friar Men’s Hockey Hero, Who Passed Away at 38

January 15, 2024

IIHF Decision to Exclude Israel From Ice Hockey World Championships Over Safety Concerns Sparks Controversy

January 12, 2024

VIDEO – 5-Year-Old Junior Starter for Pittsburgh Penguins Steals Spotlight Before Game, Wins Hearts and Gets Sidney Crosby’s Thumbs Up

January 09, 2024

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NHL World Welcomes The ‘Cutest’ Recruit After Olympic Champion Invites Her to Play For Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Morin shared the elation for Junior Starter as a 5-year-old joined her at the Pittsburgh Penguins game that was held on Saturday.

Shivangi Agrawal

January 08, 2024

Samantha Britt, Source_ Reddit

19-Year-Old Latvian Hockey Player Suspended for Hitting Opponent on the Face

A 19-year-old Australian ice hockey player who played for the Latvian team was suspended for an illegal check on a rival player.

Soheli Tarafdar

January 07, 2024


Minnesota Wild Player Ryan Hartman’s Admission of Planning Payback Against Opposing Team Member Sends Shockwaves Through NHL Community

Minnesota Wild’s Ryan Hartman was subjected to pay fine of a hefty amount for his intentional attack on rival Cole Perfetti

Soheli Tarafdar

January 03, 2024

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Wayne Gretzky Opens Up on Playing Derek Jeter’s Prized Position, Reveals Critical Impact on His NHL Greatness

A surprising revelation by the NHL Legend triggers a deep dive into his relationship with Baseball and connections with Derek Jeter.

Kanishka Prakash

January 02, 2024

Greatness Wins Derek Jeter

VIDEO: Hilarious Chaos Ensues as Hockey Player Slips and Bounces Head Off the Ice, Leaving X’s Users in Stitches

In a viral video, an Ice hockey player tumbles on the icy rink while celebrating a score and then springs back to action

Soheli Tarafdar

December 30, 2023

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53-Year-Old Montreal Forward Hockey Player Passes Away After Battling Terminal Disease

The world of ice hockey grapples with the loss of 53-year-old legend Reginald Savage, who just lost his life to cancer.

Soheli Tarafdar

December 30, 2023

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“Listen, Bring Whoever You Want” – Hockey Legend Wayne Gretzky Shares His Secret Party Hosting Beer and BBQ Banquet, Evading the KGB’s Watchful Eye

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky reveals the secret of conducting a daring barbeque for Russian players amidst Cold War

Soheli Tarafdar

December 30, 2023

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“I’d Be Lying If I Told You I Wasn’t Scared”: 60-Year-Old Man’s Unbelievable Return to Hockey Glory After Open Heart Surgery

Discover the inspiring tale of a 60-year-old star, who defied heart surgery odds to reclaim his spot on the hockey rink.

Disita Sikdar

December 29, 2023

VIDEO: NHL’s Icy Showdown Turns Into a Boxing Ring as Tom Wilson vs. Elvis Merzlikins Face-Off Sparks Chaos on the Ice

Unbelievable clash in NHL as Tom Wilson and Elvis Merzlikins turn ice hockey into a boxing ring! Watch a chaos unfold in this viral face-off.

Disita Sikdar

December 22, 2023


VIDEO: Young Ice-Hockey Star’s Glory Quest Crashes Face First Into Goalpost Drama

Young ice-hockey star's glory quest turns uproarious as a daring move leads to goalpost chaos. Watch the hilarious mishap unfold on the ice!

Disita Sikdar

December 21, 2023

VIDEO: Multiple Spectators Get Involved in a Brawl During Oilers and Tampa Bay’s Hockey Match

Multiple fan fights break out during and after a Friday night hockey game between the Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Allen James

December 20, 2023


Dave Portnoy’s Playful Nudge to Employee, Amidst Courtside NHL Distraction at Celtics-Knicks NBA Match

Dave Portnoy and a friend caught two games simultaneously, an NBA and NHL fixture, while present at the TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics.

Anirudh Haridas

December 09, 2023

VIDEO: Another Scary Incident in NHL Puts Fans on the Edge as Player Exits After Getting Hit in the Face With the Puck

Calgary Flames’ Chris Tanev suffers a major blow on the face, bringing back memories of the tragic demise of Adam Johnson

Soheli Tarafdar

November 29, 2023


NHL great Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter, Paulina Gretzky, Dazzles in Palm Beach?s Luxurious Lifestyle for Latest?Shoot

Paulina Gretzky stunned the internet while posing with a special someone for a mesmerizing photo shoot on social media.

Nancy Singh

November 25, 2023

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-25 at 07.37.10_31f0aeca

“Wish We Could?ve Had More Babe”: Late Ice Hockey Player Adam Johnson?s Fianc?e Shares Emotional Instagram Post Chronicling Life with Her Beloved

Tragic loss in ice hockey: Adam Johnson's fatal injury leaves fans and community in grief. Wife's heartfelt post receives widespread support.

Disita Sikdar

November 24, 2023

NHL Team Panthers Pay a Heartfelt Tribute as They Retire Jersey Number 47

Tragic loss in ice hockey: Adam Johnson's fatal injury leaves fans and community in grief. Wife's heartfelt post receives widespread support.

Sanchari Bhaduri

November 20, 2023


Legendary Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shares Excitement for NHL Action Between Dallas Stars vs Arizona Coyotes

Legendary gymnast Nastia Liukin soaked up the excitement as NHL sides, the Dallas Stars and the Arizona Coyotes, met on a sheet of ice.

Anirudh Haridas

November 15, 2023

Nastia Liukin

Amid Hockey World Shifting Focus to the Upcoming Milan Olympics 2026, Joe Thornton?s Low-Key Retirement Marks the End of an Era

Joe Thornton announced his retirement after 24 action-packed seasons in the NHL, while the league hopes for representation at Milan in 2026.

Anirudh Haridas

October 31, 2023

Joe Thornton

NHL Royalty Wayne Gretzky?s Daughter Paulina Gretzky Dazzles on Magazine Cover

Tragic loss in ice hockey: Adam Johnson's fatal injury leaves fans and community in grief. Wife's heartfelt post receives widespread support.

Bisma Shakeel

October 06, 2023

Jul 25 2005 Toronto Ontario CANADA Model PAULINA GRETZKY and father hockey legend WAYNE GRETZKY

Tulsa?s Hockey Team Holds Fundraiser, Pledges to Raise Money for Families Fighting a Deadly Disease

Tragic loss in ice hockey: Adam Johnson's fatal injury leaves fans and community in grief. Wife's heartfelt post receives widespread support.

Anirudh Kidambi

September 05, 2023


Ice Hockey is a team sport that is played on ice skates. It is generally played on an ice skating rink with lines and markings pertaining to the sport. It is part of the family of hockey. In this sport, two team opponents use ice hockey sticks to advance, control and shoot a vulcanized rubber disk called puck into the other team?s goal. The winning team will have the maximum goals to its name, that?s attained when the puck reaches the goal. At a time, in a game, there are 6 skaters in each team barring any penalties and one of the person is a goaltender. Ice hockey is a physically demanding game and is considered a full contact sport.

History of Ice Hockey

It was initially believed that hockey came from English Field Hockey and Indian Lacrosse and expanded all through Canada in the mid 1800s by British soldiers. After a lot of research, it came across that a hockey-like game was played in Nova Scotia by the Micmac Indians which was very much like the Irish game of hurling. It used a hurley (stick) and a square wooden block instead of a ball. It was this game that spread across Canada through the Scottish and Irish immigrants and the British Army. Field hockey elements such as bully, (later the face-off) and shinning (hitting the shin of the opponent), this developed into an informal ice game called shinny or shinty. The term rink was first used in 18th century Scotland in the game of curling that refers to the organized area of gameplay. Primitive hockey allows nearly 30 players to be one side of the ice, with two large frozen stones at each end of the ice to be used as goals. In 1860, the first use of puck instead of the ball came into being in Kingston Harbour, Ontario, Canada.

Evolution of Ice Hockey

The first indoor ice hockey game was recorded in 1875 in Montreal?s Victoria Skating Rink between two teams amongst students of McGill University. The first national hockey association called the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada was formed in 1885 in Montreal which restricted 7 players on each side. And the first ever league was formed in Kingston in the same year which had four teams namely, Kingston Hockey Club, Queen?s University, the Kingston Athletics, and the Royal Military College. Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston, donated a cup to be given yearly to the winning Canadian team. This gives the name ? Stanley Cup? to the three-foot high silver cup that was first awarded in 1892-93.

In 1899, the Canadian Amateur Hockey League was formed. It was considered very amateur to even consider it to be paid for athletics. The first known professional hockey team in the world was formed in the United states in 1903, in Houghton, Michigan. Portage Lakers, the team was owned by a dentist Gibson. He? imported Canadian players into the team and in 1904, Gibson formed the first known professional hockey league called the Pro Hockey League. Professional hockey found its way to Canada when the Ontario Professional Hockey League was formed. Around this time, Canada stood firm as the center of world hockey.

Introduction of Ice Hockey as a Professional Sport

The NHA was disbanded to become the NHL (National Hockey League) in 1917, which was the world?s first professional hockey league. A number of teams such as Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago blackhawks, etc joined this league. Starting with 6 teams under its roof, the NHL finally expanded to 12 teams in 1967. In 1979, the NHL undertook a merger with another hockey league that is the WHA which had 12 teams too. By 2017, 31 teams played in the NHL. The season consisted of 82 games out of which 16 teams will qualify for the playoffs and the winner of the playoffs will be holding the Stanley cup.

First Winner of Stanley Cup

The first winner of Stanley cup is Montreal Amateur Athletic Association Team, which was the successor of the same cup after winning the challenge series. This was the format that Lord Stanley had originally planned. Post 1926, the cup went to the NHL to be awarded to the playoff winners.