“Avenging PewDiePie”: MrBeast Fans Re-Ignite the Subscribers War Against T-Series

Published 11/24/2023, 7:14 AM EST

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The YouTube community has been celebrating the dominance of MrBeast on the platform for a while now. However, MrBeast claiming the throne of the ‘Most Subscribed YouTube Channel’ has still remained a long-held desire. But not for long! The recent progression of the YouTuber with numbers has certainly narrowed down the gap between his channel and rival T-Series. Well, as the creator moves closer to the biggest takeover each day, the community has already started speculating on a new chapter of YouTube’s infamous subscriber war. 

As a content creator, MrBeast has witnessed a phenomenal surge in numbers not just on YouTube but all across his social media profiles. The four-time Creator of the Year Award winner has already recorded the numbers that the analysts had predicted for the end of 2023. Thus, Jimmy’s fans believe the ultimate surpassing of T-Series might be closer than expected. The outgrowing numbers certainly help their case. Inspired by all the buzz around, a Reddit discussion has predicted the future of YouTube content warfare. 

MrBeast to surpass T-Series in a matter of months? 


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A recent Reddit discussion has just fueled the ongoing debate around MrBeast’s possible dethroning of T-Series as the most subscribed channel on the platform. At the time of writing, T-Series has 253 million subscribers, whereas Jimmy’s main channel has 213 million subscribers. The 40 million difference is big, and for any other creator, covering this gap while both channels grow could have been a task for years. But considering the ‘hot form’ YouTube King is in, this might not be a long shot. 

The Subscriber war with T-Series is gonna happen again.. 5 years later, I’m calling it
byu/Glass_Windows inMrBeast



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The community is no stranger to the rivalry of an individual content creator against the Indian music label. For a lot of content consumers, the war is rooted in the days of PewDiePie vs. T-Series. Refreshing your memory, PewDiePie, the Swedish streamer and creator, lost the 100 million subscriber race against T-Series back in April 2019. While the Reddit user predicted the takeover would happen in the near next five-year window, a lot of fans argued it was an exaggerated prediction. In fact, it appears to a lot of MrBeast fans that the countdown to the takeover has already begun.

Fans come up with interesting predictions

Looking back at 2023 in the entertainment realm, the success of MrBeast has to be the big cover story. Well, is the growing influence of the creator convincing enough for an imminent T-Series takeover? There are a lot of factors that fans presented in the ongoing Reddit discussion that speak in Jimmy’s favor. 

A user puts out the fact that Jimmy’s rate of earning subscribers has only surged and with this current pattern, it’s only about weeks. “Beast has gained 10m+ subs in one month. At this rate it’ll be a few more months before he overtakes”, they wrote.

An excited fan has already marked the calendar for the ultimate goal. “Nah, its happening by May 2024”, the comment reads. 


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Doubt highly it’ll be as big, and Mr. Beast will probably overtake easily”, a netizen points out an intriguing thought as they believe both channels might not have such a close contest in this war 2.0. 

An unavoidable throwback to the OG competition. Jimmy’s takeover of the throne has a purpose as a user comments, “He’s avenging PewDiePie”.

For a fan, the creator is already a winner, and here’s why, “Mr Beast has already won. He has multiple channels in different languages as well with millions of subs,” the fan wrote. 


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Do you agree with the comments? Leave your predictions for the next subscriber war in the chat box below. 

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