Humble Carlos Correa, Wearing Just One Pair of Shoes, Surpasses Derek Jeter and David Ortiz in Shock Playoff Display

Published 10/09/2023, 3:59 AM EDT

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Sunday’s Game 2 of the AL Division Series was one of a kind. In a close battle of the Minnesota Twins against the Houston Astros, the former emerged victorious with a whopping 6-2. But there was something different. The emotion in Minute Maid Park among the audience was particularly fierce. As the game proceeded, the world witnessed a record being created. 

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For Carlos Correa, Minnesota Twins’ shortstop and former Houston player, there was a moment waiting for him to grab. And at the right opportunity, he did. He then went on to etch his name next to a couple of legendary MLB players. With that, the fans online poured enormous volumes of opinions on social media about this modest victory. 

Carlos Correa Gets Back At His Former Team


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As a former Houston Astros member, Correa knew he had some heat coming in from fans. As he took his place at the diamond, the unruly crowd at the Juice Box welcomed him with boos. Nevertheless, Correa did not budge and was quick to give the Minnesota Twins a lead in the game. He knocked in a run off the centerfield wall, on an RBI double. Little did he know that it would have him shoulder to shoulder with the legendary Hall of Famers. Talkin’ Yanks tweeted FOX Sports: MLB’s clip of the 29-year-old reacting to his feat. 

Correa has already scored three runs in his role as the Twins’ offensive catalyst. As someone who is hitting effectively this postseason, has 63 RBI, tying him for third all-time on the playoff RBI chart. He has surpassed iconic players like David Ortiz and Derek Jeter. This would not have been possible if the Twins had not made certain amends. 


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In order to prepare for their postseason’s first lefty, the Twins decided to alter their batting order a bit. This decision had Correa move up from the No. 6 hole to the cleanup spot. Good for Minnesota, he has given them the fruit. Aside from that, a noteworthy tidbit about Correa is that he comes with a lesser known nobility.

Not only did this humble Puerto Rican lead them to victory, but he also hones a single pair of shoes alone. With a massive 6 years, $200 million contract, the fact that he is humble enough to not indulge in fancy luxuries while also keeping his focus on the game is astounding. @FoulTerritoryTV shared a tweet that throws light on this piece of trivia.

This knowledge nugget of Correa’s modest character combined with his prowess in the game fueled fans to pour in their praises and opinions. An interesting back and forth among fans indeed.  

The Fans Could Not Keep Calm About This Humble Yet Mighty Feat

The fan comment flurry on Twitter ranged from appreciations to dig. Some Astros fans expressed their emotions about creating the man Carlos is today, while some others revealed shadowy snippets about the game. 

A compliment gift wrapped in criticism made its way to Twitter. 

Some fans truly appreciated Correa’s feat, addressing it as “crazy”.

Some fans made a throwback to when Carlos was in the New York Mets. 

One fan highlighted the mighty Correa’s command in his team. The tweet said, “owns the Astros”.

While the game proceeded, some sensed foul play from the side of the Astros. 


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Though Carlos Correa had hopped from one team to another quite a lot, now he seems to have found his grounding. One can only wait and watch how his prowess unfurls this postseason.



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