MLB Icon Babe Ruth Belting Home Run While Smoking Cigar Lights Up the Internet

Published 11/10/2023, 1:10 AM EST

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In baseball history, the name of Babe Ruth has a distinct place. He was a once-in-a-generation athlete who ruled MLB with his skill set. Decades have passed since Ruth made his last league appearance, but he is still at the top, with two-way phenom Shohei Ohtani in second place after him. It seems there is still no match for him.

The former Yankee was the first player to star on both the plate and the mound. It put him in a legendary league with only a few names on it. Given this, people were fans of his swing and throws. Now, a viral video from the past has also confirmed the same, taking the baseball community back to the Babe Ruth era with an interesting wish to fulfill.

A Babe Ruth Classic Worth Thousand Colors Through a Monochrome Frame


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Undoubtedly, Shohei Ohtani has taken the tag of the most skillful player to become the MLB icon in the modern era. But when it comes to history, Babe Ruth was the first icon of the league, after setting up the benchmarks which are still followed.

A video posted by BaseballHistoryNut focuses on the same with a caption that reads, “Babe Ruth taking a toke of his cigarette, then proceeding to hit a baseball with cigarette still in mouth for 100’s of kids to chase will be the coolest thing you’ll see today.”


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It is all due to his career, which saw him score 714 home runs and bat in 2,214 RBIs at an average of 0.342. He also claimed 488 strikeouts at an ERA 2.28 with a win-loss record of 94-46 becoming a most skillful player.

Noticeably, in the video, the 7x World Series champion is seen casually homering with a cigar in his mouth, with everyone chasing the balls down. Amazing? Isn’t it? Well, that is what the baseball community thinks so.

Fans Make a Wish After a Revisit to a Bambino Era

Only a few players have universal acceptance in the baseball world filled with diverse fans. In the modern era, it is Ohtani. But Babe Ruth is the one when it comes to the past. The reason behind his skillset that made everyone love him.

Though the time is nearing a century since his last baseball hit, fans still adore the legendary player. Their reactions to the video of him homering confirmed the same.

Others said the time machine is the need of the hour to revisit the past.

Another termed it a legendary swing.

One fan pointed out that everyone chased his homers


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Another said he was the coolest


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The video has certainly been a blessing for baseball fans. It seems there will be no one like him even a century past. What do you think? Will anyone be able to surpass him? Share your thoughts on this. Let us know in the comments below.


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