Recent Steroids Accusation Surrounding Adolis Garcia’s “Big A*s Head” and Unique Appearance Leads to Origin of His ‘El Bombi’ Nickname

Published 10/31/2023, 9:18 PM EDT

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With impressive performance comes scrutiny. Texas Rangers star Adolis Garcia has raised some eyebrows owing to his looks and performance. Despite the multiple instances where ‘El Bombi’ has proved to be an indispensable player in the past, the latest proof is the ongoing World Series where his hottest player status stands out. Maybe under the influence of juice?

Fans speak up as they see his bulked-up shoulders and massive head. Often, impressive power displays hint at foul play. Not everyone believes that García doesn’t have something illegal running through his veins, despite his valiant actions.

A Sudden Change In Appearance Has Put Garcia On The Radar


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Recently, photos from a few years ago (like when he was with the St. Louis Cardinals) of the 30-year-old surfaced on the internet. What used to be a lean Adolis is now surprisingly muscular. Coupling that with his inhumanly great performances, fans have connected the dots and weaved a narrative based on conjecture.

Additionally, the bulb-headed Cuban’s difference in appearance paved the way for more chatter. Garcia’s moniker owing to the bulb-like shape and gigantic size of his head indicated that it could be an outcome of steroids. Is there any connection between the two?


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Per Sports Illustrated, “Bombi’s Law, in honor of José Adolis “El Bombi” García, who was bestowed the childhood nickname by his neighborhood buddies in Cuba. They decided his head was shaped like una bombi, or a light bulb.” 

One cannot negate the fact that Garcia is one of the most hardworking members of the Texas Rangers. Not only does he work out, but he also toils hard to put up a virtuoso performance as a slugger. Perhaps all this speculation is null and void, yet there’s doubt. Though the Lone Star was injured in Game 3 and could not make it to Game 4, the fans have brutally put him on the radar.

Adolis Garcia Raising Eyebrows With His Massive Built and Head

García was unable to swing properly and was subsequently replaced on the World Series roster ahead of Tuesday’s Game 4, along with Max Scherzer, the starter for Game 3, who also left the game on Monday, due to back spasms. In a recent display on the field where ‘El Bombi’ was seen without his helmet, fans were somehow convinced that there was a potential steroid usage. The shape of his head became the talk of the town once again.

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Comments on the size of Adolis’s head flowed in. A fan wrote, “You know Adolis Garcia is on steroids with that big a*s head”. “You can tell by the size of adolis Garcia head and his hairline that he is on steroids,” said the other.


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Another fan was sure about the speculation, calling Garcia an “incredible player…but seeing Adlolis Garcia with the helmet of…That’s a steroid head.”

Another member warned Garcia in the Twitter community, “I’m not an “accuse people of using steroids” guy, but I would just like Adolis Garcia to know I have my eye on him.”


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That said, there is no official statement or solid proof of this accusation yet. Twitter nation, however, is ablaze with speculation as they deduce insights from his unique appearance.

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