“Finna Come After Y’all”: Ejected Jimmy Butler Issues Smug Warning to Pelicans After Wild Altercation

Published 02/23/2024, 11:52 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Miami Heat’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans was a rather heated one, ending with the ejection of four players, including Heat superstar Jimmy Butler. Despite the Heat’s 106-95 victory over the Pelicans, the night ended poorly for both Butler, who was returning after several games, and reserve player Thomas Bryant. However, Butler has opinions about the altercation and his ejection.

I don’t think I should’ve been thrown outta the game,” said a seemingly frustrated Butler in the post-game interview. He continued, “New Orleans got lucky cos finna come after y’all in the fourth quarter.”


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Further, when Jimmy Butler was asked if the altercation would continue through to the next game against the Pelicans, he responded, “We’ll beat them the next time too. We’re just the better team.

Fists Fly, Players Ejected

Things got wild in New Orleans when the Heat and Pelicans game turned into a fiery fight with just over 11 minutes left. A foul on Zion Williamson sparked a crazy scene that got four players kicked out of the game. It all started with Williamson stealing the ball from Jimmy Butler. Kevin Love then fouled him hard to stop a layup. The refs called a foul, Williamson went down, and everyone lost their cool. Naji Marshall and Butler almost went at it, and soon the benches emptied and the players joined in on the scuffle.


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Just when things seemed to calm down for a quick second, Jose Alvarado and Thomas Bryant started throwing punches near the score table. More players joined in, and the refs had to step in again. In the end, four players – Butler, Love, Bryant, and Alvarado were all thrown out!

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Even the fans got into it, throwing stuff at the players, and getting themselves kicked out too. But despite all the craziness, the Heat kept their cool. Bam Adebayo scored 12 points in the important last quarter, finishing with 24 points and 12 rebounds. Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson helped out with 15 and 17 points each, and Jimmy Butler had 23 points before getting kicked out.


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The Pelicans, missing Brandon Ingram, tried hard. Williamson led the way with 23 points, helped by Herbert Jones who scored 19 points, and Jordan Hawkins scored 14 points. The Miami Heat made 13 three-pointers compared to only 7 for the Pelicans. In the end, the Heat won a tough game 106-95.

With a heated rivalry brewing between the two teams, the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans will face off again on March 23rd. Will the Heat “beat them next time too,” as Jimmy Butler confidently claimed? Stay tuned to find out!


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