ESPN Employee Sets Off Warning Sirens After Injured Rockets’ Starlet Attacks Stephen Curry’s Warriors On Instagram

Published 03/28/2024, 12:21 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The Houston Rockets have been on a roll over the past few weeks. Despite a lackluster performance throughout the persisting season, the team seems to have picked up their pace as the playoffs near.  They recently recorded their 10 consecutive win and may very well be on track to overtake the Warriors on the points chart and claim the 10 seed for themselves. This led to the team’s power forward, who has been absent from quite a few games, to share his enthusiasm.

On the 28th, Houston Rockets player Tari Eason took to his official Instagram account to share a video on his story. In a very unusual manner, the player proceeded to address Stephen Curry’s team and state “Warriors, come out to play”. Eason also attached a caption on the story that read “I know they not liking this!!!!”.

After the video went viral on social media, many people took to the comments section to share their reactions. Amongst them was former Timberwolves player and current ESPN employee Austin Rivers. Highlighting his faith in the Warriors, Rivers proceeded to write “This just might not age well Broski….”. Broski is reportedly a slang word used in lieu of other words like “brother”.


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Eason’s comments came after his team defeated the number one franchise on the Western Conference points chart: the Oklahoma City Thunder. The defeat has now placed the Thunder in the third position and given the Rockets something to pride themselves on.

While the player probably wished that he could have been present while his franchise is enjoying their moment in the spotlight, Eason has unfortunately been ruled out for the rest of the season. After dealing with a benign growth on his shin throughout the current season, the player ended up going through a surgery on his left leg a couple of weeks ago. While it forced him to just be another spectator, the 22-year-old seems to be more than happy when it comes at the expense of eliminating the Warriors at this crucial stage.


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Can the Rockets go past Stephen Curry’s Warriors?

While the Rockets registered their 10 consecutive win, the Warriors themselves seem to be establishing a momentum by winning their last two games. Much of this could be credited to the offensive effort being placed by Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins and other star players. With Eason’s team just a half a game away from overtaking their rivals, the chances for the Warriors to hold on to the 10 seed seem bleak.

USA Today via Reuters

The Warriors have the advantage of facing the Charlotte Hornets and the San Antonio Spurs next. These are the two teams that occupy the bottom positions on the points chart. The circumstance can help the team give the edge they need to move up to a higher seeding. It won’t be long, however, until the team comes face to face with the Rockets themselves. If things go well for the Warriors before that, then their faceoff at the Toyota Center in April will be the ultimate decider of who will reign supreme.


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