According To Toto Wolff, Online Trolling Actually Works In Favour Of Mercedes

June 24, 2019 11:40 pm

Eager to succeed, determined, and rallying around his team one race after the other- this is a man you don’t find every day in Formula 1.

His fellow Austrian in the much-celebrated James Cameron-made Terminator once famously said, “I’ll be back!” But nothing of that signature dialogue stuff, it can be said, is ever needed by Toto Wolff, a much-vaunted man in F1, who is here to stay.

Austrian Team boss Toto Wolff truly happens to be among the most noted and celebrated men in the whole wide world of motor-sports. For his excellent leadership skills and the innate ability to channelize the best from his team, he happens to be arguably the most successful team principal in the world’s fastest form of motor-racing, Formula One.

That said, to say that Toto Wolff has, thus far, had a successful run in Formula One would be a bit of an understatement.

For a man who’s sort of established a reign in the new era of Formula 1, in making Lewis an emperor of sorts, in a car that’s neither comparable nor seemingly beatable, Toto Wolff is about as critical and central to Mercedes success as is straight-line speed to the capability of a car to overtake(on a main straight).

And recently, in the immediate hours after the completion of the 2019 French Grand Prix, Toto Wolff happened to share a few insights as to what makes Mercedes a hot success in the sport. He shared an interesting perspective that the team takes in its stride in the top annals of Formula 1.

According to Toto Wolff, that there’s quite some online trolling that happens against his Mercedes team and that none of it deters the Silver Arrows could be a crucial factor to his team’s advantage, a brazen example of which one can take in the ongoing season, where it’s Mercedes (and no other side) that have won every single race.

Here’s what Lewis and Bottas’ close confidant shared hours ago:

The trolling that happens in social media has become so bad,” he said. “People hide behind anonymous, or not even anonymous, accounts and hit out, which after some of these events has been really bad. Canada was pretty bad. To polarise is good, and it can be an emotional and heated discussion.

“But I think it has come to a point where sometimes the heated discussion around the sport is becoming abuse and becoming personal and I don’t think that has a place in sport.

“At first it’s hard to swallow, but it’s come to a point that it’s making us stronger, every hit creates more desire to prove.”

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