Diganta Guha


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About The Author

Diganta Guha is a Tennis writer at EssentiallySports. A journalist with over 23 years of experience, his inclination towards being different has been a driving force. After completing his Masters in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Diganta aspired to be a bureaucrat but landed in the media with no regret. Being a sportsperson during his younger days, he has grown up on Borg and swears by Becker. Among contemporary stars, he reveres Federer and covers his off-court endeavors. Simplicity has always been his forte as he tries to reach out to readers with a language that is comprehensible. When he is not on the job, he focuses on his YouTube channel Broken Journo where he tries to cover almost everything on Earth, yet with a news value. He believes in team effort and hates the term One-man Show!