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Beta Testing Leaks Hint at Valorant Mobile Looking Likely to Dethrone This Battle Royale Giant on Mobile

September 25, 2023

Pro-Boxing Juggernaut Joe Joyce Enjoys a Real Life PUBG Moment as He Drives an Off Road Buggy

August 05, 2023
Joe Joyce Press Conference

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?So Excited?-Fans Are Thrilled as PUBG Is on Its Way to an Epic Collaboration With Aston Martin

Exciting collaboration ahead! PUBG teams up with Aston Martin, introducing luxury car models in the game. Get ready for an epic experience!

Nilendu Brahma

August 02, 2023

PUBG Collaboration _ Aston Martin Teaser 0-24 screenshot

Chun-Li, Ryu, And Cammy from Street Fighter 6 Are Coming to PUBG!

Capcom reveals interesting collaboration with PUBG as the trailer teases mobile gamers with access to much loved Street Fighter 6 characters

Vaibhav Singh Tomar

August 01, 2023


Street Fighter 6 Expands Its Fighting Arena Through a Collaboration With PUBG Leaving Gamers Thrilled

Street Fighter 6 and PUBG collaborate in an epic crossover event, delighting fans with iconic characters in the battle royale arena.

Nilendu Brahma

July 26, 2023

PUBG Collaboration _ Street Fighter Trailer 1-4 screenshot