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Years After ‘Scr*w Your Freedom’ Statement, Arnold Schwarzenegger Issues Public Apology: “I’m Sorry for Saying Those Words”

Published 04/06/2023, 1:43 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s priority list regards positivity and physical well-being as second to none. He constantly advocates for these values and has taken this endeavor to the next step by launching his wellness podcast, Pump Club. While one fan acclaimed the seven-time Mr. Olympia for his new venture, a subsequent remark by another user shed light on the bodybuilding icon’s controversial comment during the pandemic. The course of the conversation on Twitter took a different turn.

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This particular tweet by a user referring to a controversial statement the star made in 2021 may have changed the direction of his effort. As a remark that was focused on the anti-maskers, it had a domino effect as it struck the chords of many Americans, the echoes of which can still be heard to date. Surprisingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger took notice of the comment and cleared the air with a fitting reply.

Arnold Schwarzenegger expresses his regret for the controversy in 2021


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Per the Twitter update, the 75-year-old icon took a moment to acknowledge his fans’ acceptance and expressed his gratitude. That’s not all.

He even apologized for blurting out “Scr*w your freedom” in an interview two years ago. He tweeted, “I’m sorry for saying those words. I try to be relentlessly positive, but sometimes my mouth gets ahead of me. I should have communicated better.”


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This mishap took place while he attempted to encourage everyone to comply with CDC guidelines during Covid-19. 

Although Schwarzenegger’s words may have been uttered for a particular reason, they sparked a lot of tumult among fans. Most condemned him for cursing, ironic to his persistent positive demeanor. “I want to thank you for your open-mindedness. I think we should be able to disagree without being enemies,” his post initially stated. 

The comment that ignited the difficult conversation read, “I want to check this out, but have a hard time getting over Arnold ‘F**k Your Freedom’ Schwarzenegger.” Whereas the primary post recognized the athlete’s “3 days old” podcast as “the most positive corner of the internet on health, fitness, and wellness.”

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To shed light on how the controversy surfaced, the star athlete was overwhelmed with the disastrous state of the world amid the pandemic and ended up criticizing everyone with his bold statement. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was under fire after a critical remark


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In 2021, the ‘Austrian Oak’ faced severe backlash because of his statement on freedom. During the COVID-19 pandemic, news surfaced that people resisted wearing masks and taking vaccines. Thus, his insights on the issue got pretty intense while speaking in an interview. However, his final statement caused the greatest damage.

There is a virus here. It kills people, and the only way we prevent it is: get vaccinated, wear masks, do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just to think about, ‘Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’ No, screw your freedom,” Schwarzenegger told the sources.

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The following year, the idol was awarded the ‘Champion Democracy Award’ as an honor for his grand contributions to several domains of the U.S. During this moment too, this issue crawled up on him. Fans stormed the platform with wild comments criticizing the celebrity. What are your thoughts on his remark? Tell us in the comments.


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