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Akshit Pushkarna

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Akshit Pushkarna, who has a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism from Xavier's Institute of Communication, is an MMA writer for EssentiallySports. Before his current role, Akshit worked on the Urban Development beat at the Urban Update magazine. However, combat sports always called out to Akshit, who pursued both boxing and wrestling at a regional level before shifting his focus to MMA journalism. As his ambition to compete in MMA was marred by an injured left hand and a bad right foot, both injuries acquired in training, he plans on further involving himself in the sport as a journalist. Considering his experience as a combat sports athlete, Akshit is someone who conveys the technicalities of the sport to casuals in a lucid manner. His interest in MMA peaked after the GOAT Jon Jones went to war with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165.