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Amal Joyce


One take at a time

About me

I am a WWE editor at EssentiallySports. I cultivated my passion for pro wrestling when The Undertaker rose from the dead to take out the dastardly Randy Orton in order to ensure his WrestleMania streak remained intact. Since then; I have undertook a journey to delve into the amazing world of pro wrestling where the sublime meets the ridiculous. At ES, I have been part of Monday Night RAW coverage which is my favorite day of the week. I was there when The Undertaker returned after his retirement on RAW 30 and have seen the rise and rise of The Judgment Day, while still awaiting Cody Rhodes to finish his story. I work in tandem with my peers to carve out unique content that strikes a chord with the wrestling faithful. Away from my work desk, I like to binge Netflix shows and catch my favorite sports moments on YouTube. You can reach out to me on X at @AmalJoyce5.