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Ryan Garcia Claps Back at Shakur Stevenson With Harsh Reality Check Amid Ongoing Beef

Published 11/20/2023, 11:16 AM EST

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Ryan Garcia has leveled up in his ongoing beef with Shakur Stevenson. It seems to have begun right after Stevenson defeated Edwin De Los Santos on the 16th of November to win the vacant WBC lightweight belt. It was an unkind night for Stevenson as he received immense flak for not landing enough punches at his opponent. In a scathing response to ‘Sugar’s’ attack on his Gervonta Davis fight, Garcia asked the latter to “quiet” his mouth. Why such hostility toward Shakur?

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Recently, Garcia gave an interview where he took digs at the lightweight champ for his poor performance and even called Stevenson “arrogant.” Stevenson, not one to take things lying down, immediately hit back at Garcia starting off the Twitter war. Garcia, for his part, decided not to remain passive and retorted.

“We broke records…”, Ryan Garcia defends himself in retaliation


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Ryan Garcia’s loss to Gervonta Davis is still a sore spot for the fighter. And ‘Sugar’ knew exactly what he was doing when took digs at the fight. In one of the comments in this ongoing fiasco, Sugar invoked the devastating loss ‘KingRy’ suffered at the hands of ‘Tank’. He wrote, “My bad nights I win on yo bad nights u lay down from a body shot and get up after the 10 counts.”

In response to Stevenson’s remarks, Ry retaliated severely. He wrote, “We broke records and made life changing money, you broke a record of the least punches ever landed in a twelve round fight and made not even 10% of what we made. Quiet your mouth kid.” According to popular reports, Garcia went home $2.5 million richer that night despite his loss.


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Ry’s response comes after Stevenson went off at the former for calling him ‘arrogant’ and even alleging that ESPN was biased for Stevenson. In a conversation with Fight Hub TV, the fighter elucidated that when Sugar failed to take good jabs at El Santos in their recent fight, ESPN was kind enough to let him off the hook.

Garcia remarked, “If Shakur don’t throw a lot of punches, he’s controlling the fight. If somebody else don’t throw a lot of punches, it’s ‘oh man he’s reluctant, oh he’s hesitant’.” While maintaining a poised silence at Ry’s ESPN comments, Stevenson defended the accusation of arrogance.

Their online war is far from over. While Shakur has not responded to the “quiet your mouth” remarks that Ry sent his way, the latter has furthered his attack. He shared an extract from Shakur’s Los Santos fight, wherein the former was not performing well.

Ry shares the ‘Shakur Anthem’


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While the video highlighted his shortcomings significantly, the background song took the attack to the next level. It was a troll song on Shakur that said, “He’s a runner, he’s a track star. He gonna run away if he hits hard. He can’t take the pain, he can just talk…” Sharing the video on his X, Ry wrote, “Man this slaps.”

In the wake of these developments, ace promoter Oscar De La Hoya even indirectly called on the 26-year-old fighter to fight ‘KingRy.’ It would be interesting to see if their online rivalry translates into a fight in the ring. If that happens, De La Hoya’s question becomes even more pertinent. Who would be the driving force in selling the fight? Garcia or Stevenson? However, for that fight to take its course, the former will have to dust off his next fight against Oscar Duarte Jurado. The 2nd December fight will be the first time Ry will enter the ring since his fight with Tank.


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Who’s side are you on in this lethal online clash between the lightweight fames? Take your picks in the comment section below.

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