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Full Team Lineups For Sidemen Charity Match Gets Announced

September 08, 2023

Streamer Trainwreckstv Shares Horrifying Stats, Claims He’s Lost $90,000,000 in Online Gambling

August 18, 2023

?It?s Weird To See People And Their Opportunism? – xQc Slams Haters Criticizing Him for Streaming Gambling on Kick

August 16, 2023

?IF I LOSE I WILL NO LONGER??- xQc Raises the Stakes After Confirming His Participation in This Year?s Sidemen Charity Match

August 12, 2023

“He Was Unprepared For This. He Is Just Fuc**ng Flailing”: HasanAbi Reacts To The Intense xQc vs Ethan Debate At H3 Podcast

August 09, 2023

“You?re Not Going to be Able to Make 12 Hours of Content for Kick Who Paid You A $100 Million”: H3 Puts The Heat on xQc

August 09, 2023

?MMA Fans Are Cringe?- xQc Extends Support on Jake Paul?s Victory by Going Bold on Haters

August 07, 2023
Jake Paul v Nate Diaz – Weigh-in

xQc Shocked After NYPD Smashes A Minor’s Head Through A Windshield : “Pretty Bad”

August 06, 2023

$100,000,000 Worth Youtuber Claims Jaw-Dropping $100,000 Per Hour for Gaming

August 06, 2023

?Chadbox Series S?- Reddit User Vows Xbox Series S Worked After It Was ?In a Flood, Literally Drenched in Water?

July 31, 2023

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?That?s a Whole Valorant Team?- xQc Buys New $330,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch Leaving the Fans Stunned

The controversy around xQc doesn't seem to end as the latter was recently subjected to a massive backlash after he streamed gambling content.

Nilendu Brahma

July 25, 2023