Having Undergone 33 Injuries in 6 Years, Kevin Durant’s Poor Physical Strength Gets Dragged Into Charles Barkley’s Dig at Stephen Curry

Published 09/02/2023, 1:31 PM EDT

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Kevin Durant is undeniably one of the NBA’s premier talents and has had a tumultuous journey marred by injuries in recent years. Over the past six years, Durant has grappled with multiple injuries. The staggering 33 injuries highlight the toll his body has endured in pursuit of excellence on the basketball court. Unfortunately for him, to rub salt in the wounds, he found himself catching strays from one of the all-time greats.

While he remains an undeniable force when healthy, these frequent setbacks have raised questions about his physical durability. Recent debates about Stephen Curry‘s status as the ‘greatest PG of all time’ have dragged KD into the discussion. Durant’s durability was called into question in a fascinating discussion of basketballers’ physicality across the decades.

Chuck’s Critique of Stephen Curry drags Kevin Durant into the conversation


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Charles Barkley, known for his candid and often provocative opinions, weighed in on the ongoing debate about Stephen Curry’s legacy. The debate over Curry’s status as the greatest point guard has engaged NBA legends, analysts, and fans alike. Moreover, Chuck introduced a hypothetical scenario that made people wonder about Curry’s ability to succeed in a different basketball era.

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While he questioned if Curry could endure the physicality and toughness of 1980s basketball, fans are in splits. However, the ’80s era was marked by fierce rivalries, aggressive defense, and physicality that often crossed the boundaries of today’s game. The ‘Bad Boys’ Detroit Pistons, led by players like John Salley, Dennis Rodman, and Bill Laimbeer, were notorious for their rugged tactics on the court.

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In Chuck’s questioning, NBA analyst Chris Broussard shared his perspective on the subject on Fox Sports Radio. Broussard contemplated how players like Curry and Durant might have adapted to the demands of an earlier era. “I think they would have worked harder and adjusted to whatever they had to. If Kevin Durant was coming up in the 80s, he’d have been more used to physical basketball. And he would be tougher because that was the way that he would survive,” Chris said.

He surmised that Durant, with his formidable physical attributes, would have acclimated to the 1980s’ more robust style of play. Broussard suggested that Durant’s ability to withstand physical basketball would have toughened him, making him a more resilient player.

Understanding Barkley’s hypothetical scenario


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Barkley’s scenario sparked intriguing conversations about how different eras of basketball impact players’ careers and skill sets. Curry’s unparalleled shooting and ball-handling skills have revolutionized the game in the present era. At the same time, the question remains: Would his style of play have endured the physicality and tenacity of the 1980s?

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The “Bad Boys” Pistons were known for their rugged defense and aggressive tactics, posing a unique challenge to opponents. Barkley’s query on Curry’s ability to withstand aggressive players ignited extensive debates among fans and analysts.


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While not taking anything from the 80s greats era, Steph is definitely someone who wouldn’t give up without a fight. What do you think of Chuck’s critique? Let us know in the comments below!

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