Ruth John


One take at a time

About The Author

Ruth John is an NBA Primary Editor at EssentiallySports. With over two years of experience in content creation, Ruth began her journey at ES as a writer covering live game reports sprinkled with a few off-court pieces delving into the players’ everyday lives. In her role as an editor, she is focused on ensuring that every piece she puts out has something unique to offer to the reader. As much as she helps the writers, every day is a learning curve for her as well, with the chance to see things from different perspectives. Ruth owes her love for basketball to her cousins, who forced her to watch them as they hogged all the TV time. Now she watches it just for the love of it, albeit all alone by herself. Besides writing, she spends most of her time catching up with the latest Netflix series or listening to Joji’s entire discography with no skips.