Virginia Cavaliers

Virginia Cavaliers 2021: News, Schedule, Roster, Scores, Injury Report

The Virginia Cavaliers compete in NCAA Men’s Basketball as a part of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Some notable opponent teams from the conference are Duke, Florida State, Louisville, and North Carolina. The name was adopted in 1923 to pay homage to the Royalist supporters from Virginia who were called the Cavaliers. They are also called the Wahoos or simply the Hoos, which is an unofficial nickname.

The current logo was introduced in April 2020. It features an embossed letter V in orange and two blue crossed swords below. It is an updated version of the logo that was in usage since 1994. The Cavaliers introduced their first logo back in 1978, which was a portrait of a cavalier.


Founded 1905
Conference Atlantic Coast Conference
Athletic Director Carla Williams
Head Coach Tony Bennett

John Paul Jones Arena

Championships (1) 2019
Conference Tournament Titles (3) 1976, 2014, 2018
Conference Regular Season Titles (10) 1922, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019

Who is the Coach of the Cavaliers?

The current coach of the Cavaliers is Tony Bennett. After spending a decade coaching in the NCAA, Bennett joined the Cavaliers as head coach back in 2009.

In 2019, Bennett led the team to a historic championship victory. He became one of the three former NBA players to have won the NCAA Div 1 title. He led the team to a 35-3 record, which is the best campaign in Cavaliers history. Bennett also holds the record for the best winning percentage in Cavaliers history.

Who is the Athletic Director of the Cavaliers?

The current Athletic Director of the Cavaliers is Carla Williams. She was appointed in 2017 after working as an athletics administrator at the University of Georgia for the past 13 years. This is her first stint as an athletic director.

For her contributions to the program, she was named as the Women Leaders in College Sports 2019 Administrator of the Year.

Achievements and Championships

The Virginia Cavaliers are the reigning NCAA Division 1 champions. A year after they lost the 2018 Finals, Virginia beat Texas Tech in the 2019 Finals to win their first-ever title. It was their first appearance in the Final Four since 1984.

With 98 appearances in the Top of the AP Poll, Virginia ranks 9th best among all NCAA teams.

They are one of the two teams to have finished as the #1 seed in all four regions of the NCAA Tournament.

They have won just one NCAA Division 1 title so far, with their victory coming in 2019.

Greatest NBA Players

The Virginia Cavaliers basketball program has been a successful launchpad for many NBA players over the years. The best NBA player to have played for the Cavaliers is Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson. The 7’4″ giant played four seasons at Virginia during the early 80s and is one of the best players to don the Cavaliers uniform.

There are currently seven players in the NBA who are former Cavaliers. Malcolm Brogdon, DeAndre Hunter, and Joe Harris are the most notable out of them.

Mascot and Uniform

The official mascot of the Cavaliers is called CavMan. Initially, Virginia had a Cavalier on horseback as their official mascot. It started back in 1947 and went on for three decades. Then, in 1987, the costumed CavMan made his debut and has since been the official mascot.

He dons an orange and blue outfit with a feathered hat and also has a cape. Earlier the outfit had orange and blue stripes, but now it has been modernized and the costume also has been made to look muscular.

The team’s primary colors are Jefferson Blue and Rotunda Orange.

Current Roster

The Cavaliers roster for the 2020-21 season has 17 players.

Position Jersey
Name Height Weight
Guard 0 Kihei Clark 5-9 160
Guard 1 Jabri Abdur-Rahim 6-7 214
Guard 2 Reece Beekman 6-3 174
Forward 4 Justin McKoy 6-8 215
Guard 5 Jayden Nixon 6-3 187
Forward 10 Sam Hauser 6-8 218
Guard 11 Malachi Poindexter 6-2 193
Guard 12 Chase Coleman 5-9 157
Guard 13 Casey Morsell 6-3 196
Forward 21 Kadin Shedrick 6-11 216
Center 22 Francisco Caffaro 7-0 250
Guard 23 Kody Stattmann 6-7 204
Forward 24 Austin Katstra 6-6 237
Guard 25 Trey Murphy III 6-9 206
Guard 30 Jay Huff 7-1 240
Guard 33 Carson McCorkle 6-3 184
Forward 53 Tomas Woldetensae 6-5 197


The Cavaliers begin their 2020-21 season with a game against Maine on November 25. They have 27 games in their season, and they end their regular season with an exciting away game against rivals, Louisville, on March 6, 2021.

The full schedule is available on the college website.