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Paris 2024: Covered With Blood Scars, Diver Who Fell During Olympic Pool Inauguration Shares Injury

April 05, 2024

King Island Diving Takes a Tragic Turn as 43-Year-Old Visitor Succumbs to Waters

January 08, 2024

“Instructed to Continue Searching” 57-Year-Old British Woman Missing After Diving Boat Sinks Off, Sparking Frantic Rescue for Safety

December 25, 2023

VIDEO: Woman’s Encounter With an Unexpected Guest Shark Causes a Diving Drama in the Waters

December 05, 2023

Arizona Man Pronounced Dead After Terrible Cliff Diving Blunder in Lake Havasu

September 25, 2023

?Just Wanted Cup of Tea? – Stranded Diver?s Whimsical Yearning Amidst Hopelessness and Survival at Sea

September 18, 2023

Video: Heartwarming Clip Shows How a Paralyzed Swimming Coach Celebrates His Birthday Every Year

September 13, 2023

Diving 86 Feet Deep Into the Ocean, Sporting Enthusiast Meets the Deadliest Predator Ready for a Fight

August 04, 2023

After Two Year Break, Diver Makes a Michael Jordan Level Promise for Paris Olympics 2024

August 01, 2023
Tom Daley Pic 2

After Vermont and New Jersey, Swimming World Mourns Death Teenager Washed Off in Oregon Hole

July 26, 2023

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?Prefer to Stay in My Own Lane?: Michael Phelps, Who Bagged 28 Olympic Medals for Swimming, Names His Biggest Aquatic Fear

A diver had a simple desire in his "final moments" as he as went through a harrowing ordeal 30 miles from the shore

Christaline Meyers

July 25, 2023

Michael Phelps

?Gonna Eat Your Children?: After Losing a Leg and an Arm to Shark Attack, Survivor Goes Candid on These Marine Predators

A diver had a simple desire in his "final moments" as he as went through a harrowing ordeal 30 miles from the shore

Divya Purohit

July 23, 2023

Swimming shark

Popular Businessman and Diving Enthusiast Pens Down Alternate Ending for the Long-Lost Oceangate

In one of the most chilling tragedies in history, the OceanGate submersible imploded. A diving expert gives his opinion on how it could be avoided.

Apoorva Behl

July 09, 2023

?Gift-Giving? Diving Enthusiast Becomes ?Best Friend? With One of Nature?s Deadliest Creatures

Diving enthusiast shares a fascinating clip with fans of her interaction with octopus which turned into a friendship to her and fans surprise.

Saiful Khan

July 09, 2023