“Anybody With a Brain Would Call Me”: Aaron Rodgers Buries Wish List Rumors in Coffin

Published 03/16/2023, 2:00 AM EDT

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The Aaron Rodgers saga is almost at its end at least for this offseason. The legendary QB is very nearly a player for the New York Jets. According to many reports, Rodgers presented the Jets with a wish list before he commits to sign for the franchise. But the QB has put all the wish list rumors in a coffin with one statement.

While Rodgers has made it clear that it’s the Jets for him, there are many modalities to agree on. But one thing is clear, according to him, signing his favorite teammates is not one of them.

Aaron Rodgers puts rumors to rest


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Aaron Rodgers wants to play and has made the decision public. But many reports claimed that he has given the Jets a list of players he wants them to sign before putting pen to paper with them. Speaking on the ‘Pat McAfee Show’, Rodgers laughed off such ‘ridiculous’ notion.

“People want these things to be so true that I’m in a meeting, you know, dressed in ceremony regalia, giving them handwritten on a parchment a demand list of people they need to sign,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee.

He especially talked about the Jets signing his Green Bay Packers teammate wide receiver Allen Lazard. For Rodgers, any team would love to have Lazard on their team. And any franchise could ask him about the people who he has played with.

“Listen, I think objectively, anybody can look at Allen Lazard and go, ‘he’s a really good player, we would love to have him on our team’. And anybody with a brain would call me on any team and go, ‘hey, what kind of locker room guy is Allen Lazard? What’s his work ethic like?’ And I’d say, he’s a fu*king great dude,” the four-time MVP added.

Rodgers has made a decision about his future, and he will play the 2023 season in the NFL. But the Jets are yet to finalize his compensation and the trade agreement with the Packers. So finally, A-Rod is moving away from Wisconsin after 18 long seasons there.

Hungry for success

The Jets have been starved of success lately in the NFL. They haven’t been anywhere near it in recent years. And the franchise wants to change that quickly with some marquee signings like Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard.


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Both the players had good chemistry in Green Bay and Lazard was actually the QB’s number one go-to target in the team. So, the fans can hope for more of the same with the duo at MetLife Stadium.


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If Rodgers does manage to bring success to the Jets, his greatness will be unrivaled in the city. Can he repeat his 2011 heroics at a new place?

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