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Red Bull: Latest News, Results, Drivers and Car Updates

The Austrian outfit made their official F1 debut back in 2005. However, the origin of the team itself can be traced back to 1997. At that time, they were known as the Stewart Racing team, a team owned by F1 legend and triple World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart.

He sold the team to the American company, Ford, who rebranded the team to Jaguar Racing. The iconic British manufacturer would race in the sport until the end of the 2004 season. In the following year, Red Bull took up the reins. Though they were, at best, a midfield team in their early days, in 2009, the dynamic shifted completely.

The Red Bull F1 team’s drivers for the 2020 season are Max Verstappen and Alex Albon. Albon was promoted to Red Bull F1 from Toro Rosso in the middle of the 2019 season as part of a swap with the then Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly.

Red Bull: On-track Achievements

They enjoyed a fairly strong start to their debut season when David Coulthard finished 4th in Australia. A year later, Coulthard bagged a maiden podium in 2006 at the Monaco Grand Prix. A few more intermittent podiums followed until 2009 when the team bagged their first win, courtesy of Sebastian Vettel.

That year, Red Bull amassed six wins and finished 2nd in the Championship. Then came the magnum opus, four Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles on the trot, all thanks to Sebastian Vettel.

Red Bull’s dominant run in F1 ended with the introduction of the turbo-hybrid era in Formula 1. While the team still clinches the odd pole or win, they are yet to replicate their supremacy from the early 2010s.

As of September 2020, Red Bull has 63 race wins, 175 podiums, and 4 Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in F1. The team has entered 294 races and amassed over a massive tally of 4800 points.

Does Red Bull have 2 F1 teams?

Part of what makes Red Bull such a unique F1 entity is through its connection to Scuderia AlphaTauri. AlphaTauri, formerly known as Toro Rosso, is the Austrian outfit’s Italian sister team.

Red Bull Racing doesn’t necessarily ‘own’ AlphaTauri. Technically, both teams are owned by the famed drinks company – Red Bull GmbH. The Austrian company’s founder – Dietrich Mateschitz, purchased Red Bull (formerly known as Jaguar), followed by Toro Rosso (formerly known as Minardi), as part of a collaboration with former F1 driver Gerhard Berger.

Unofficially, AlphaTauri functions as a proving ground for Red Bull’s younger drivers who have the potential to step up and drive for Red Bull Racing.

How much did Red Bull spend on F1?

According to reports, Red Bull spent $335 Million in its F1 ventures for the 2019 season.

How much does Red Bull earn from F1?

As a reward for its efforts, the Milton-Keynes based outfit received approximately $335 Million in prize money for the 2019 season. The Austrian outfit did not report a healthy profit, but thankfully, it wasn’t a loss.

The FOM split from the $335 Million is reportedly $150 Million (including Bonuses).

What does Aston Martin do for Red Bull?

In late 2017, Red Bull announced Aston Martin as the team’s title sponsor as part of a technical partnership. The Milton-Keynes outfit has worked in close collaboration with Aston Martin to produce the hyper-car, Valkyrie.

“The relationship between Aston Martin and The Team began in 2016 after the two companies combined cutting edge F1 technology and Aston Martin’s signature sports car design to produce a ground breaking hypercar,” reads a statement from Red Bull.

In Early 2020, Red Bull announced that it would be ending its title partnership with Aston Martin following the 2020 F1 season. However, the Austrian outfit will work with the British manufacturer in delivering its hyper-car collaboration.

Who owns Red Bull Racing?

The Red Bull F1 team is owed by the parent company and famed drinks brand- Red Bull GmbH. Red Bull was founded by Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya. Currently, Mateschitz and Chalerm Yoovidhya own the brand.

Red Bull’s Sponsors

The team’s title sponsor for 2020 is British car manufacturer, Aston Martin. Team partners include Rauch, Puma, Tag Heuer, W66, DITA, Pirelli, MyWorld, Piquadro, Iris, and AlphaTauri.


One of the main charities that Red Bull supports, is the Wings for Life charity. This organization is dedicated to Spinal Cord research. Wings for Life focuses on researching treatments for the central nervous system. These treatments can either be therapies or drugs, aimed at healing.

Founded 2005
Owner Dietrich Mateschitz
Number of Titles 4
Prize Money Won 110.7 million
Official website
Drivers Max Verstappen, Alex Albon
Test Drivers Sergio Sette Camara
Engine Honda
Tires Pirelli