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Who’s Brock Bowers? A Quick Look Into The Life of Georgia Bulldogs’ Dynamic Tight End Set to Make a Mark in 2024 NFL Draft

Brock Bowers has continuously impressed during his college career as he enters the Draft and aims to fulfill his dreams of being a footballer

Rajveer Gupta

March 19, 2024

Brock Bowers

“Fits Jim Harbaugh Perfectly”: Joel Klatt Urges Chargers to Draft Former Georgia TE on the Big Day

CFB analyst Joel Klatt urges Jim Harbaugh to pick Georgia's star TE Brock Bowers, Klatt claims Bowers is the "perfect fit" for the Chargers.

Arunima Guchhait

February 16, 2024

Joel Klatt & Jim Harbaugh

Caleb Downs’ $3.5 Million Move From Alabama to Ohio Labeled as Pure Motive in Pursuit of National Championship Dreams

Caleb Downs's commitment adds to the trend of Alabama transfers to Ohio State for the 2024 season.

Anushka Laha

January 22, 2024

Caleb Downs

Amidst Lawsuit and Players Opt-outs, Mike Norvell Speaks Out on Florida’s Challenges Since Playoff Snub

Just a day before the anticipated Orange Bowl showdown, Mike Norvell speaks out regarding FSU players leaving the team after the CFP snub. 

Khosalu Puro

December 30, 2023

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship-Louisville at Florida State

Amidst Plans to Leave the Conference, Mike Norvell’s FSU Faces Critical Challenges Before Orange Bowl Clash with Georgia

Mike Norvell has issues to address before their highly-anticipated clash between FSU and the Georgia Bulldogs in the Orange Bowl.

Khosalu Puro

December 28, 2023

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship-Louisville at Florida State

In Comparison – Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffs 2024 Commits Vs Kirby Smart’s Georgia Bulldogs

Interested in diving into a comparison between the top two teams in terms of recruitment? It's Colorado and Georgia we're talking about.  

Khosalu Puro

December 26, 2023

Deion Sanders, Kirby Smart

Despite Losing 5-Star Dylan Raiola to Nebraska, Kirby Smart’s Georgia Bulldogs Lead the Pack in 2024 period

The Georgia Bulldogs rises as the leader of the 2024 recruitment classes after the first day of the early signing period closes. 

Khosalu Puro

December 21, 2023

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Georgia

“Kids Feel Like Grass Is Greener”: Kirby Smart Breaks Silence on the Unsettling Trend of Recruits Ditching Georgia

Head coach Kirby Smart unveils his thoughts on several of his players decommitting from the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Khosalu Puro

December 21, 2023

NCAA, College League, USA Football: SEC Football Championship-Georgia at Alabama Dec 2, 2023; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia

Here’s How Florida State Seminoles can Still Claim NCAA Championship Despite the FSU CFP Snub

The Florida State Seminoles can reclaim their national championship title despite their playoff omission! Find out more!

Khosalu Puro

December 19, 2023

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship-Louisville at Florida State

Following Dylan Raiola’s Switch From Georgia to Nebraska, Indiana Transfer Matthew Bedford Flips His Commitment From Coach Prime’s Colorado

Moments after Dylan Raiola's flip to Nebraska, Colorado transfer commit Matthew Bedford announces his decision to decommit.

Khosalu Puro

December 18, 2023

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado

With 5-Star QB Dylan Raiola’s Decision Awaited, Nebraska and Georgia Fans React to Commitment Flip Sparking Social Media Storm

5-star QB prospect Dylan Raiola is torn by the strife between Georgia and Nebraska fans as his decision lies in uncertainty.

Khosalu Puro

December 14, 2023


Florida Transfer RB Trevor Etienne’s Likely Landing Spot Emerges as the Leading Contender

Florida fans wait in suspense as former Gators RB Trevor Etienne delivers implications for joining their biggest division rival.

Khosalu Puro

December 13, 2023

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri