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WWE Extreme Rules

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The event that sends jitters down the spines of every Superstar is none other than Extreme Rules. One of the most exciting and highly anticipated pay per views in WWE, Extreme Rules always has something great planned for fans.

The name says it all. At Extreme Rules, little or no wrestling rules apply and there are always huge stipulations in matches. Although these stipulations do seem fun to compete in, they are not even close to ‘fun’.


The bone-breaking PPV of the company may only be 11 years old. However, the root of its idea goes back much further. 

First, Extreme Rules was known as One Night Stand. This was the main event for the ECW brand that was doing very successfully in the hardcore section.

However, after the dissolution of ECW in 2009, One Night Stand was replaced with the new and improved version- Extreme Rules. This was a smart move since WWE received a lot of creative freedom for it.

The idea of Extreme Rules is that Superstars compete for either a Championship or to settle some major dispute.  The catch is that Superstars will have to fight under particular match Stipulations.

For example, if a Challenger puts forward the proposal a Hell in a Cell match for Extreme Rules, the Champion is obligated to accept this opponent’s challenge.

First Event

The first-ever Extreme Rules took place on June 7, 2009, at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It was highly attended by fans who knew the event was a continuation of the beloved One Night Stand of ECW.

An unofficial match took place first between the team of Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes vs Mickie James & Kelly Kelly. The latter won the fight, followed by a warm reception. This fight was not televised and was a one-view only for the live audience.

The first official match of the event was a Fatal four-way with Kofi Kingston defending his United States Championship against Matt Hardy, William Regal, and MVP. Kingston successfully defended his title that night. 

The event was successfully topped off by an epic Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff Hardy defended his gold against a determined Edge.

Hardy managed to pull off the victory, but it was all for naught. CM Punk came running in to cash in his Money in the Banks contract and sure enough delivered a Go to Sleep to Hardy, pinning him to pull off a huge upset.

Extreme Rules through the years

Extreme Rules has since then seen some of the best matches in WWE history. The abundance of stipulation such as No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing, “I Quit” Matches, and many more ensured that the event always entertained.

We have even seen some of the craziest main events at Extreme Rules over the years. Brock Lesnar faced the brunt of both John Cena and Triple H in successive years as both matches went to the absolute limit. 

The epic encounter between Cena and Lesnar at the Allstate Arena was definitely one of the most highly contested matches in WWE history. Cena managed to pull off the victory with punch using a chain-wrapped fist. He then delivered an Attitude Adjustment to Lesnar on the steel steps to earn the pinfall.

The main events of Extreme Rules has seen the likes of Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Finn Bálor, Becky Lynch, and Lacey Evans. All matches throughout the years have taken things to the breaking point.

Horror Show 2020

Extreme Rules 2020 switched things up a lot to make it interesting for fans. Due to the lockdown, WWE faced its first year with absolutely no fans present for the main events.

The company went creative by changing the setting of Extreme Rules. The event was turned in Extreme Rules: Horror Show, with stipulations based on a different vibe. 

The highlight of the Horror Show was the Swamp Fight that took place between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. This was WWE’s second-ever cinematic match that was once more, a huge success.

The insane Eye vs Eye match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins also saw some of the most gruesome content. According to the stipualtion, the winner would be whoever pulls out the eye of his opponent.

Extreme Rules will continue to host the best Superstars. We can only wait to see what diabolic stipulations await us and the Superstars next year.

How do I watch WWE Extreme Rules 2021?


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You can watch WWE Extreme Rules 2021 exclusively on WWE Network if you are a member. The PPV can also be viewed on traditional streaming channels.

What date and start time is WWE Extreme Rules 2021 in the US?


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There has been no exact date and time set for WWE Extreme Rules 2021 but it is expected to take place somewhere in July 2021 in San Jose, California.

Created ByVince McMahon
Country of Origin United States of America 
Original Network WWE
Distributor / Live StreamingWWE / WWE Network 
History June 7, 2009 - Present Day