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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 2021: Map Updates, Characters, Tier-List, and System Requirements

Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is an action RPG featuring a fantasy open-world environment. This free-to-play game also incorporates an action-based battle system, using elemental magic, character switching, and uses gacha mechanism for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

Amassing over $250 million within a month, Genshin Impact became one of the largest mobile game launches in history. Furthermore, the game topped the worldwide revenue charts for mobile gaming for October 2020.

Genshin Impact Gameplay Features

Players can experience an immersive single-player campaign, nothing short of an epic fantasy adventure. As a traveler from another world, the player will embark on a journey to reunite with their long-lost sibling and uncover their own mysteries and those of Teyvat.

The action RPG allows players to control one of four switchable characters in a team. There is a massive open-world environment to discover. Characters can perform actions like flying across the open world and swimming through crystal-clear waters, depending on stamina levels. Moreover, they can climb the towering mountains and even glide, all to discover the hidden secrets of a world filled with wonder and mystery.

The goal is to master the seven elements. Genshin Impact characters possess control over one of seven natural elements. Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo, which correspond to ice, nature, fire, water, air, electricity, and earth, respectively. Manipulating the various elements is the key to defeating powerful enemies and solving challenging puzzles.

Players get to choose who fights by their side. They can build their party from over 20 characters, each with unique abilities, personalities, and combat styles. Additionally, miHoYo has plans to keep including more characters.

The game is online-only and supports cross-play. Players can head into battles and travel the world solo, or they can use the multiplayer mode. Players can invite up to four friends across various platforms to join the fight against dangerous monsters.

Release Date

Mihoyo released Genshin Impact for PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS on September 28, 2020, and features cross-platform play. The game is also scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

The developer studio has a series of content updates lined up over the following months as part of their game's roadmap.

Genshin Impact Characters

The game refers to the player's character as "Traveler" and is one of the twins separated from their sibling by an unknown god.

The Traveler's companion is Paimon, a small floating being who acts as a guide for the Traveler and is depicted as the mascot for the game. Throughout their journey across Teyvat, they come across many individuals and factions.

Jean- Acting as the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, an order of knights devoted to protecting and maintaining peace in the city-state of Mondstadt.

Amber- A three-time Glider Champion of Mondstadt. She is a rising star within the Knights who is also the only Outrider.

Lisa- An intellectual witch who loves her sleep and is also the Librarian.

Kaeya- A charming knight and the most trusted aide for the Acting Grand Master Jean.

Barbara- The Deaconess of the Favonius Church and a shining starlet adored by the people of Mondstadt.

Diluc- The wealthiest gentleman in Mondstadt and a local winery owner.

Razor- A wolf boy who prowls the forest with his wolf pack and hunts to survive using their animal instincts.

Venti- A bard who can control the wind using his Anemo power.

Klee- A young explosives expert affluent in gunpowder formulas, who is the Spark Knight.

Bennett- A young adventurer and the only active member of his own adventure group, which is on the verge of getting dissolved following a series of unfortunate incidents.

Noelle- Like most young people of Mondstadt, she has always dreamed of being a knight of Favonis and currently works as a maid at the Knights' headquarters.

Fischl- A mysterious girl who calls herself "Prinzessin der Verurteilung" and travels with a night raven named Oz.

Sucrose- An alchemist with an insatiable curiosity towards the world and is attached to the Knights as an assistant to Albedo.

Mona- A mysterious young astrologer proclaiming herself to be "Astrologer Mona Megistus".

Diona- The incredibly popular bartender of the Cat's Tail tavern and a rising star of Mondstadt's wine industry.

Xiao- A young man who is one of the "Mighty and Illuminated Adepti" guarding the city-state of Liyue.

Beidou- Captain of the Crux, with an incredible reputation in Liyue.

Ningguang- Owner of the Jade Chamber in the skies above the city-state, with many stories abound about her elegance and mysterious smile.

Xiangling- The Head Chef at the Wanmin Restaurant and also a waitress there, she is extremely passionate about cooking.

Xingqiu- Second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, who has had a reputation for being studious and polite ever since he was a young child.

Chongyun- An exorcist that roams the lands. Liyue is his base of operations, but evil spirits flee wherever he goes.

Qiqi- An apprentice and herb gatherer at Bubu Pharmacy.

Keqing- The Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, which is a group of business leaders.

Tartaglia- The cunning Snezhnayan, whose unpredictable personality keeps people guessing his every move.

Apart from the aforementioned Genshin Impact characters, there will also be new subsequent additions.

Genshin Impact Map: Teyvat

The game begins as a pair of twins, traveling across the stars and visiting different worlds, arrive in Teyvat, a fantasy world where the seven elements flow and converge.

In the distant past, the Archons granted mortals unique elemental abilities. With the help of such powers, people formed a bountiful homeland out of the wilderness. However, 500 years ago, the collapse of an ancient civilization turned the universe upside down. Though the calamity the world suffered has ceased, peace has yet to be restored.

Lying in the northeast of Teyvat, Mondstadt is a city of freedom.

From amongst mountains and wide-open plains, carefree breezes carry the scent of dandelions — a gift from the Anemo God, Barbatos — across Cider Lake to Mondstadt, which sits on an island in the middle of the lake.

Meanwhile, Liyue is a bountiful harbor that lies in the east of Teyvat.

Mountains stand tall and proud alongside the stone forest that, together with the open plains and lively rivers, make up Liyue's bountiful landscape, which shows its unique beauty through each of the four seasons.

For more details about the Genshin Impact map, check out the Teyvat Travel Highlights and other details on the game's website.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List has pointed out the best character tier list in miHoYo's action RPG.

S-Tier characters are as follows:

Bennett - Element: Pyro, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Strike of Fortune, Elemental Skill: Passion Overload, Elemental Burst: Fantastic Voyage.

Diluc- Element: Pyro, Weapon: Claymore, Normal Attack: Tempered Sword, Elemental Skill: Searing Onslaught, Elemental Burst: Dawn.

Klee- Element: Pyro, Weapon: Catalyst, Normal Attack: Kaboom!, Elemental Skill: Jumpy Dumpty, Elemental Burst: Sparks 'n' Splash.

Mona- Element: Hydro, Weapon: Catalyst, Normal Attack: Ripple of Fate, Elemental Skill: Reflection of Doom, Elemental Burst: Stellaris Phantasm.

Qiqi- Element: Cryo, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Ancient Sword Art, Elemental Skill- Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, Elemental Burst- Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune.

Tartaglia- Element: Hydro, Weapon: Bow, Normal Attack: Cutting Torrent, Elemental Skill- Foul Legacy: Raging Tide, Elemental Burst- Havor: Obliteration.

Venti- Element: Anemo, Weapon: Bow, Normal Attack: Divine Marksmanship, Elemental Skill: Skyward Sonnet, Elemental Burst: Wind's Grand Ode.

Xingqiu- Element: Hydro, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Guhua Style, Elemental Skill: Guhua Sword- Fatal Rainscreen, Elemental Burst: Guhua Sword- Raincutter.

A-Tier characters are as follows:

Fischl- Element: Electro, Weapon: Bow, Normal Attack: Bolts of Downfall, Elemental Skill: Nightrider, Elemental Burst: Midnight Phantasmagoria.

Jean- Element: Anemo, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework, Elemental Skill: Gale Blade, Elemental Burst: Dandelion Breeze.

Keqing- Element: Electro, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Yunlai Swordsmanship, Elemental Skill: Stellar Restoration, Elemental Burst: Starward Sword.

Ningguang- Element: Geo, Weapon: Catalyst, Normal Attack: Sparkling Scatter, Elemental Skill: Jade Screen, Elemental Burst: Starshatter.

Razor- Element: Electro, Weapon: Claymore, Normal Attack: Steel Fang, Elemental Skill: Claw and Thunder, Elemental Burst: Lightning Fang.

Xiangling- Element: Pyro, Weapon: Polearm, Normal Attack: Dough-Fu, Elemental Skill: Guoba Attack, Elemental Burst: Pyronado.

B-Tier characters are as follows:

Barbara- Element: Hydro, Weapon: Catalyst, Normal Attack: Whisper of Water, Elemental Skill: Let the Show Begin, Elemental Burst: Shining Miracle.

Beidou- Element: Electro, Weapon: Claymore, Normal Attack: Oceanborne, Elemental Skill: Tidecaller, Elemental Burst: Stormbreaker.

Chongyun- Element: Cryo, Weapon: Claymore, Normal Attack: Demonbane, Elemental Skill: Spirit Blade- Chonghua's Layered Frost, Elemental Burst: Spirit Blade- Cloud-parting Star.

Sucrose- Element: Anemo, Weapon: Catalyst, Normal Attack: Wind Spirit Creation, Elemental Skill: Astable Anemohypostasis Creation- 6308, Elemental Burst: Forbidden Creation- Isomer 75/ Type II.

C-Tier characters are as follows:

Kaeya- Element: Cryo, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Ceremonial Bladework,  Elemental Skill: Frostgnaw, Elemental Burst: Glatial Waltz.

Lisa- Element: Electro, Weapon: Catalyst, Normal Attack: Lightning Touch, Elemental Skill: Violet Arc, Elemental Burst: Lightning Rose.

Noelle- Element: Gew, Weapon: Claymore, Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework- Maid, Elemental Skill: Breastplate, Elemental Burst: Sweeping Time.

Traveler (Anemo)- Element: Anemo, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Foreign Ironwind, Elemental Skill: Palm Vortex, Elemental Burst: Gust Surge.

Traveler (Geo)- Element: Geo, Weapon: Sword, Normal Attack: Foreign Rockblade, Elemental Skill: Starfell Sword, Elemental Burst: Wake of Earth.

D-Tier characters are as follows:

Amber-  Element: Pyro, Weapon: Bow, Normal Attack: Sharpshooter, Elemental Skill: Explosive Puppet, Elemental Burst: Fiery Rain.

Genshin Impact System Requirements

Minimum Requirements for PC, according to Game8:

Operating System- Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit.

Processor- Intel Core i5 or equivalent.

Memory- 8 GB RAM.

Graphics Card- NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 and higher.

Direct X- Version 11.

Storage- 23 GB of Free Storage Space.

Recommended Requirements for PC:

Operating System- Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit.

Processor- Intel Core i7 equivalent or higher.

Memory- 16 GB RAM

Graphics Card- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB and higher

Direct X- Version 11.

Storage- 23 GB of Free Storage Space

Genshin Impact on Mobile

Minimum requirements for Android, according to Game8:

CPU- Arm v8a 64-bit device.

RAM- 3 GB and above.

System- Android 7.0 and above.

Storage- 8 GB of Free Storage Space.

Recommended requirements for Android:

CPU- Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810, and above.

RAM- 4 GB and above

System- Android 8.1 and above

Storage- 8 GB of Free Storage Space

Requirements for iOS:


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OS- iOS 9.0 and above.

Storage- 8 GB of Free Storage Space.

Genshin Impact Download


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Genshin Impact is available for mobile devices for download on both the App Store and Google Play, for iOS and Android, respectively.

Meanwhile, for PC and PlayStation, the game can be downloaded by visiting its official website. The game is not available via Steam or the Epic Games Store.