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Among Us


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Among Us 2021: Mods, Gameplay, Updates, PC Download, System Requirements

What type of game is Among Us?

Among Us is a social deduction game heavily inspired by the party game 'Mafia'. Developer Innersloth released the game in 2018, but it only gained popularity in 2020. Streamer Sodapoppin discovered the game first and since then, streamers like PewDiePie, Disguised Toast, Pokimane, Ninja have all played it regularly.

The rules of the game are simple. With up to 10 players in a single game, players can choose whether they want to have 3, 2, or 1 impostor per game based on individual preferences. Impostor/Impostors and crewmates are randomly chosen.

Once the game begins, the crewmates have to finish certain tasks on the map at different locations. The job of the impostors is to kill the crewmates without being suspected. If a dead body is found, both crewmates and impostors can report it. Once done, the players can choose to vote out anyone they suspect or just skip voting.

Another way impostors can win is by sabotaging the reactor or oxygen on the ship. If there are an equal number of impostors and teammates by the end of a voting session, the impostors win. If the crewmates successfully identify the impostors and vote them out, they win. Crewmates can also win if they successfully complete all the tasks before the impostors can do their jobs.

Developer Innerslorth also announced earlier that they were working on an Among Us 2 title. Although, shortly after the original game blew up in popularity, the developers announced that the sequel was canceled for the time being. They wanted to focus all their efforts on making the current game better.

Among Us also allows players to customize their appearance. Players can equip different hats to make their appearance quirky and fun. Additionally, players can also have a mini crewmate as well.

There are different Among Us Mods also available. For example, one mod allows players to have a lobby of 100 players. Another mode allows crewmates to pass through walls, making them look like hackers.

The recent update also made the game better in terms of functionality and promised to add a new map as well.

Platforms Among Us is available on

Among Us is currently available on Steam for PC and is also available on iOS and Android. The game also has cross platform play enabled for players to enjoy with their friends on different platforms. Although, a PS4 or Xbox One version is not yet available and there is no news of it being available for new-gen consoles as well.

Where to download Among Us?

Among Us is available for download through the Google Play Store, App Store, and Steam.

Among Us System Requirements

OSWindows 7 SP1+
ProcessorSSE2 instruction set support
Memory1 GB RAM
DirectXVersion 10
Storage250 MB available space


First Release?On iOS?and?Android in June 2018, on Windows?in November 2018
Latest ReleaseOn Nintendo Switch in December 2020
GenreParty, social deduction
Developer and PublisherInnersloth
PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, Series X|S (in 2021)