Jets QB Zach Wilson To Undergo Surgery For Painful Meniscus Tear Yet Franchise Considers It ‘Fortunate News’; But Why?

New York Jets gets their first bummer of the preseason in Zach Wilson who incurred a knee injury. But the franchise calls it fortunate!

Deepesh Nair

August 14, 2022

Ayesha Curry, Who Made a Rare Appearance in Hit Miley Cyrus Show, Once Made An Unheard Confession About Having Stephen Curry’s Kids: “..Time Being a Wife Wasn’t Considered Cool”

In 2015, Ayesha was occupied with a lot of things. From building a family with Stephen Curry to building a career with her passion for cooking.

Anshika Rai

August 14, 2022

‘It’s Time to Stop Tennis’- Simona Halep Says Serena Williams Has Other Priorities in Her Life

Simona Halep recently opened up about the retirement of Serena Williams, asserting that she has other priorities at this stage of her life.

Ahmar Wasif

August 14, 2022

‘Hard Work is the Epitome of Why Tiger is So Good’: Tennis G.O.A.T Serena Williams Once Appreciated Tiger Woods During His Hall of Fame Induction

Tiger Woods was inducted in the PGA Hall of Fame in March this year, and Tennis GOAT Serena Williams had a few words to say on the golf icon.

Sharan Nair

August 14, 2022

KSI Offers Manchester United a “Prime” Solution to Their Miserable Premier League Performance

The recent Premier League match between Manchester United and Brentford F.C. was a bummer for United fans. To which YouTube star KSI gives a Prime solution.

Shivaditya Ghoshal

August 14, 2022

‘They Knew I Was Special’ GOAT Boxer Floyd Mayweather Talks About His Childhood as He Sits With Yankees Legend Alex Rodriguez

Floyd Mayweather's positive environment contributed heavily to his success today and Alex Rodriguez thinks that it's the metaverse of what usually happens.

Mohsin Baldiwala

August 14, 2022

‘Talk About an Evolution of The Rock’: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone Unknowingly Helped Dwayne Johnson Make It Big in Hollywood, Here’s How

As per a co-actor of Dwayne Johnson, action megastars Schwarzenegger and Stallone unwittingly helped The Rock’s Hollywood career.

Adarsh Ojha

August 14, 2022

“What Do You Want Us to Do?”: Megan Rapinoe Slammed Critics Questioning Fellow USWNT Star Alex Morgan’s Out-of-the-Box Victory Celebration

USWNT star Megan Rapinoe takes a dig at Alex Morgan's unique celebration during the match against England in 2019 FIFA.

Ishani Yadav

August 14, 2022

Tyson Fury Given Ultimatum by WBC President as His Ring Magazine Belt Goes Up for Grabs at Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman recently gave Tyson Fury 2 weeks to announce the status of his retirement. Read on to know more

Joshua Ben Joseph

August 14, 2022

What Is Andrew Tate’s Ethnicity?: Race, Religion, and Nationality

Here is all you need to know about the most hated personality on the net, Andrew Tate. His religion, ethnicity, nationality, and race.

Samrat Sardar

August 14, 2022

Red Bull Ace Hannah Schmitz Reveals How She Puts Ferrari Strategists to Shame in 20 Seconds

In this thrilling title fight, Red Bull has a competitive edge over Ferrari and its pit wall mastermind, Hannah Schmitz is the unsung hero.

Anish Arora

August 14, 2022

Bills QB Josh Allen Jokes About Having Uncanny Resemblance To Chris Pratt

Buffalo Bills' QB Josh Allen talks about his uncanny resemblance to Parks and Recreation character Andy Dwyer played by Chris Pratt.

Ayush Jha

August 14, 2022

NFL WR And Sprinter Devon Allen Was Disqualified From The Finals Of Men’s 110m Hurdles At World Championships For This Reason

NFL WR and Olympic hurdler Devon Allen disqualified from the finals of 110 m hurdles race after reacting early to the trigger shot.

Ayush Jha

August 14, 2022

Michael Jordan Made People Toss Out Their Sneakers If They Weren’t Wearing His Brand In The House

Nike star Michael Jordan did not let his daughter or his children's friend wear anything but Nike. He would often toss their sneakers out.

Shrey Gupta

August 14, 2022

‘I Was Hiding’ – When Naomi Osaka Tried to Dodge Brad Pitt at the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka once appeared on the Ellen Show. The two engaged in a funny conversation regarding Osaka meeting Brad Pitt.

Gaurav Verma

August 14, 2022

Tyson Fury Travels 862 Miles to Call Out Next Opponent, Only to ‘Change His Mind’ on Boxing Return

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury travels a staggering 862 miles to confront his opponent only to change his mind a day later.

Sahil Sood

August 14, 2022

One Call from WWE Legend Caused Issues Between Brock Lesnar and His Wife Sable: “I Have Not Spoken to Her Since”

WWE Legend talks about how one phone call to Sable made 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar want to "rip his head off."

Anuvind Praveen

August 14, 2022

‘Other Influencers Just Don’t Give a Sh*t’: Paige Spiranac Seemingly Takes a Shot at Hailey Rae Ostrom With Recent Statement

Paige Spiranac shared what habits of other influencers annoy her. She revealed it by indirectly taking a dig at a fellow golf influencer.

Anjana Prabhakaran

August 14, 2022

‘Not Very Well at the Moment’- Nick Kyrgios Discloses Heart-Breaking Details About His Parents

Nick Kyrgios, the Australian tennis ace and 2022 Wimbledon Championships runner up, speaks about the matter that has occupied his mind.

Mahima Verma

August 14, 2022

Patrick Mahomes Reflects On The Loss That Still Haunts Him To This Day

Patrick Mahomes reflects on the loss that still haunts him and cost him a third appearance in the Super Bowl after losing to the Bengals.

Ayush Jha

August 14, 2022